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WIPO Patent Application WO/2021/232668
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The present invention provides a biodegradable foam midsole material prepared from a biodegradable resin material. The biodegradable resin material comprises the following components: 100 parts by weight of a biodegradable resin; 0.5-5 parts by weight of masterbatch; 0.5-10 parts by weight of a nucleating agent; 0.2-1 part by weight of an antioxidant; 0-1.5 parts by weight of stearic acid; and 0-1 part by weight of a cell stabilizer. Compared with the prior art, the biodegradable foam midsole material provided by the present invention uses specific amounts of specific components, thus implementing good interaction. The product not only has light density and a high resilient property, but also has a good mechanical property and antifatigue property, thus providing a wearer with good wearing and running experience while greatly reducing the weight of a sports shoe. In addition, the biodegradable foam midsole material has a biodegradable property and can be degraded by enzymes of natural microorganisms after being abandoned after use, and the degraded product can be absorbed and metabolized as a carbon source by the microorganisms. Therefore, the biodegradable foam midsole material would not pollute the environment after being abandoned.

XIONG, Zujiang (ChidianTownJinjiang, Fujian 0, CN)
WANG, Youcheng (ChidianTownJinjiang, Fujian 0, CN)
LIU, Chao (ChidianTownJinjiang, Fujian 0, CN)
LIU, Yilong (ChidianTownJinjiang, Fujian 0, CN)
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November 25, 2021
Filing Date:
October 19, 2020
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ANTA (CHINA) CO., LTD. (ChidianTownJinjiang, Fujian 0, CN)
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C08L67/02; C08L33/04; C08L67/04; C08J9/12; C08J3/22; B29D35/12; A43B13/04; C08K3/013; C08K3/22; C08K5/09; C08L1/04
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UNITALEN ATTORNEYS AT LAW (Scitech PlaceNo.22, Jian Guo Men Wai Ave., Chao Yang District, Beijing 4, CN)
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