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WIPO Patent Application WO/2020/254841
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Box flood protection barriers comprise four lattice metal frames (steel, hot zinc) (1), which are connected to a crate, sealed bags made of PES / PVC high strength fabrics (2) with built-in drainage valve, cover made of PES / PVC high-strength metal bonding fabric (4) for bonding metal frames, bags and chests to each other and metal pins (5) for fastening the cover to the ground.

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December 24, 2020
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June 17, 2019
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1. A flood barrier barrier comprises four lattice metallic frames (steel, hot zinc) (1), which are incorporated into a crate, impermeable bags made of high strength PES / PVC fabric (2) with built-in drain valve , covers made of PES / PVC high-strength fabric, metal connectors (4) for connecting metal frames, bags and chests of metal and metal pins (5) for fastening the cover to the ground.

2. The barrier barrier according to claim 1, comprising four lattice metal frames (steel, hot zinc). Put a sealed bag (2) in this case, fix it to the grille and fill it with water.

The non-slip bag according to claim 2, which is fixed to the grid of the couplings and filled with water. This sealed bag (2) consists of PES / PVC fabric.

4. A prosthetic PES / PVC cover as claimed in claim 3, characterized in that it is saturated with PES / PVC fabrics and placed by the box bar Itself and gives the barrier strength barrier to a strong Impact of the water wave.

5. Metal fittings according to claim 4, characterized in that the metal frames (1) are joined together.

6. The metal wedges of claim 6, which are secured to the ground and thus provide the strength of the box barriers (metal frame) (1) as well as the PES / PVC cover (3)



The field of art to which the invention relates

FIELD OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a barrier-type barrier barrier having a built-in flood protection device, and according to the International Classification (MKP) is classified as

Technical problem

Through the years and years, one of the biggest problems is to mount the fastest and easiest mount that will protect against floods that are the biggest problems in many European and world countries. This invention solves this technical problem of flood protection in cities where floods are frequent. The basic concept of this proposal is how to build an obstacle to the upstream high water in urban environments, and that the system is reliable, easy to build, with as few people as possible and after removing the danger, easy to remove or store (store) for some further use.

The state of the art

There are many solutions to this problem in the market, many of which use concrete fences that are static and can not be used for more space and heavy machinery and freight vehicles have to be used to transport these concrete fences. Our system is simple and fast to install and dismantle and take less space on a pallet, van or van. Two men can manipulate with a box of about 75kg. One system contains such 5 boxes of 75kg.

Exposure to be an invention

The primary objective of the invention is to improve the barrier barriers against flood protection.

A secondary object of the invention is to provide fast mounting and removal of a box barrier on the ground as well as the use of said system multiple times.

A further object of the invention is to allow the use of said system in dry days as reservoirs for the soaking of agricultural crops, olives and the like.

Additional aims and advantages of the invention will in part be shown in the following description, and in part will be discovered by applying the invention.

Box flood protection barrier includes four metal frame shades (steel, hot zinc) that connect to the chest, sealed bags made of high strength PES / PVC fabric, with built-in a water drain valve, a cover made of PES / PVC high strength fabric, metal fittings for joining metal frames, sacks and crates with each other and fastening pins for the ground cover. Put in such a box an impermeable bag, fix it to the grille and fasten it with water. The bag is about 1100 liters of water. That's a casket that's hard enough for water to carry. Containers fit one to the other in one row, connect to each other with clamps. The soiled crates are additionally covered with a watertight PES / PVC fabric on the side of the upstream water, secured by the clamps for the box box and the pins in the ground. Now every water penetration is stopped. After use, the fabric cloak is removed, water is drained from the bottom of the bag and the bag is removed from the crates, dried and stored on the pallet. The box is broken, the metal frames are on the palette and everything is stored. No sandbags are needed, but the water that is abundant is already being used.

Brief description of the drawings

The accompanying drawings which are incorporated in the description and which form part of the description of the invention illustrate the best way of presenting the invention to date and help explain the basic principles of the invention.

Fig. 1 is a bush of metallic lattice frames stacked in a crate

Fig. 2 is a drawing of a PES / PVC plastic bag with built-in water drain valve and connecting eyes

Fig. 3 is a spatial look of PES / PVC plastic cover

Fig. 4 is a spatial look of metal connectors

Fig. 5 is the spatial appearance of metal wedges

A detailed description of at least one of the embodiments of the invention

It will now be directed to the details of this assumed embodiment of the invention, one of which is illustrated by the accompanying drawings.

Referring to Figures 1 and 2, it can be seen that the barrier barrier comprises metal grating frames 1 which are assembled into a casing. Metal frame grids Q196 1 reinforced with frame-steel wire 0 6mm (S235JR + AR, EN 10060). Coupling boxes in the segment is made with 06mm wire clamps with 4 clips on each page. The reinforcement of the metal grating frame 05mm 1 is B 500B, fyd = 43.48 KN / cm3 and hot zinc. 2. The PES / PVC plastic bag with built-in includes a water-leakage valve and joints for a metal reinforcing frame 1 that fits into the crate. The PES / PVC bag 2 is placed in a metal armature frame 1 ie in a box and is filled with water, welded and in the upper part reinforced with the fixed aluminum eyes 0 14mm for joining the metal grating frame 1. It was made from PES / PVC fabric P2 / 2 900g / m2, strength 4000N / 5cm and has a bottom of the welded 3/4 "water drain valve. Knock on metal armature 1 with PA hooks. In Figure 3, we can see the PES / PVC cover Kojim is formulated to form a series of modules of 550-600g / m2 15m long, 3m wide, with built-in jaw and 15m long chain. Figure 4 shows an aluminum joint with which the metal lattice boxes are assembled in sequence. In Fig. 5, a metallic wedge is seen to be immobilized in the ground to hold it firmly and firmly when striking water into the boxes. The mode of administration of the Invention

In this way, the invention provides a practical, durable and useful device that can be economically produced, and which includes substantial improvements compared to previously known devices of this type.

It will be apparent to those skilled in the art that numerous modifications and modifications to the barrier flood protection barriers according to the present invention can be made without leaving the scope and spirit of the invention.

List used call markers

1-metal grating frame

2-PES / PVC plastic bags with built-in water drain valve and sealing joints

3- PES / PVC plastic cover

4-metal connector

5-metal wedges