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WIPO Patent Application WO/2021/056175
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A cutting apparatus for metal cable processing, comprising a base (1). A cutting device (2) is fixedly connected to a rear side of the top of the base (1); a dual-rotor motor (3) is fixedly connected to a middle shaft of the bottom of an inner wall of the base (1); a positive thread screw (4) and a negative thread screw (5) are respectively connected to both ends of the dual-rotor motor (3); and one end, away from the dual-rotor motor (3), of each of the positive thread screw (4) and the negative thread screw (5) is movably connected to the inner wall of the base (1). The dual-rotor motor (3), the positive thread screw (4), the negative thread screw (5), screw blocks (6), first fixed blocks (7), support rods (8), second fixed blocks (9), a movable plate (10), first connection rods (11), an upper clamping plate (12), a second connection rod (13), and a lower clamping plate (14) are used in cooperation, so that the problem that operation of clamping a metal cable by an existing cutting apparatus is too tedious is solved; the cutting apparatus for metal cable processing has an advantage of facilitating clamping, is convenient to be used by a user, and improves the work efficiency of the user.

WANG, Bing (Building 9 Shenzhen Software Park, No. 2, Gaoxin Middle Third Road, Nanshan Distric, shenzhen Guangdong 0, CN)
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April 01, 2021
Filing Date:
September 24, 2019
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GANZHOU SILVER METEL MATERIAL DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD (North of Jinlong Road 1# FactoryGanzhou city, Jiangxi 1, CN)
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B21F11/00; B26D7/02
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GANZHOU ZHIFU SHENGZE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AGENCY (GENERAL PARTNERSHIP) et al. (Building A Caizhi Plaza, No.18 Xingguo Road, Zhanggong District, Ganzhou Cit, Ganzhou city Jiangxi 0, CN)
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