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WIPO Patent Application WO/2000/058625
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The present invention is constituted by a piece that has an adapting beak (1) of candle, the part screw in the place of the candle (2) with a fixation washer allowing the entrance of the air (3), the part (4) controls the air allowing the movement of the sphere, has for purpose to control the air of the motor (5), the part (6) receives the sphere with escape of the air, parafusada with one against pressure nut (7) and I peck (8) where the conductive hose will be fastened (9) coupled to a beak caliper, placed in the tire valve.

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October 05, 2000
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December 20, 1999
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B60C29/06; (IPC1-7): F04B41/04; B60C23/00; F02B77/00
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Device for inflating tyres of vehicles with an internal combustion engine DISCLOSURE OF THE PATENT To patent present he/she has for objective an apparel model to fill tires, for use in cars, utilitarian and motorcycles, tends in view to improve and to activate its use and efficiency when it is out of reach of gas stations.

.. Some apparels are already known to fill the tire of the car, utilitarian and motorcycles understood by spray or apparel with pedal.

In that it weighs the wide use of those types of apparels to fill tire of vehicles, utilitarian and motorcycles, is that some inconveniences can be it attributed due to the fact that the spray causes damages in the tire and the inner tube, and the apparel with pedal it is not very efficient, delayed and tiresome for the legs.

Tends in view those problems, and in the purpose of overcoming them an apparel was developed to fill tire of cars, utilitarian and motorcycles, object of the patent present, that has for objective to solve in 2 (two) or 3 (three) minutes the problem of the tire when it holes in inconvenient, insecure places far away from resources, or even in a trip where the vehicle after already to have holed the tire, steppe to have been placed in the place and without having had time to repair it, other it comes to hole.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawings enclosed, show the disposition of the apparel to fill tire of cars, utilitarian and motorcycle, objective of the patent present us which: The illustration 1-it shows the whole piece without courts in real size.

The illustration 2-it shows the piece in real size with courts.

The illustration 3-it shows the whole piece with the conductive hose coupled to the beak caliper.


Of conformity with the all illustrates the illustrations, the model of the apparel to fill tire of cars, utilitarian and motorcycles, consists of a piece with an adapting beak (1) for several types of threads of the block of the motor where the candle is fastened, being spiral coil (2) in the place of the candle of the car where will pass the air through a fixation washer (3) and the compression of the motor, compression this that will be controlled by the part of the piece (4) which moves a sphere (5) controlling the entrance of the air of the motor, receiving like this the part (6) of the piece the sphere with escape of the air (compression of the motor), being spiral coil for one against nut (7) that regulates the movement of the piece (4) and (6) being fastened in the part (8) a conductive hose of air, that has 6 meters in length (9) coupling to a beak caliper (10) that is placed in the valve of the tire.

Its use works like this through the own compression of the motor in the simple retreat of a candle, never not having need of maintenance of the apparel.

That apparel can be used in all the cars, utilitarian and some motorcycles, because in the moment that the driver for the vehicle for the reason of an or more tires be holed or even for leak in the valve of the tire, he/she opens up the bonnet, he/she leaves one of the candles with an insensitive special glove to the temperature of the candle and a candle key (that will do part of a kit that will accompany the apparel), the apparel is placed in the place of the candle with or without the existent adapter in the piece and the other extremity (I peck caliper) in the valve of the tire with a larger caliber than it would usually be used, so that can give enough time to arrive to a pasture of gasoline, tyre-rubber or some safe place to change it.

How many times can that procedure be made they are necessary in the same tire and to the motor. After having been made such operation, it separates the motor, that leaves the apparel putting back the candle in its place and the car

will be ready to follow such operation even without practice, the driver doesn't take more than 3 (tree) minutes to execute it.

Inside of the national market, similar invention doesn't exist to the that are presented, with the understanding leaving the candle and not of another source.