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WIPO Patent Application WO/2008/093255
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This invention relates to an End Cap Bracket (3) which fits neatly in both ends of the head rail (4) of a Venetian, Roman vertical or similar blind which have a head rail (4). The End Cap Bracket (3) will consist of swivel pressure mountings (2) consisting of rubber, nylon or similar non- skid characteristic ends, one of the End Cap Brackets (3) will be spring load (6), both sides will be adjustable for accurate positioning of the blind by tighten the treaded bolt (5) and lock nut (1) which will lock the End Cap Bracket (3) and secure the head rail (4) anchoring and clamping it in place without the need for screws, nails or any other permanent holding fixture. The End Cap Bracket (3) may have a slide able or clip able cover (7) (not crucial to the invention) which will resemble the head rail (4) and will slide over the End Cap Bracket (3) completely obscuring the view of the tighten mechanism making the head rail (4) look like one solid unit. Suitable for Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds and any other blinds which consist of a head rail.

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November 13, 2008
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January 16, 2008
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A47H1/13; E06B9/17; E06B9/323
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1. An end cap bracket for the head rail of a Venetian, Roman, Vertical or Roller blind consisting of: swivel pressure mountings with non-skid characteristic ends used to hold the head rail in position by exerting lateral pressure on the surrounding window frame, a blind positioning system incorporating a threaded centre core bolt, and an adjustable lock nut.

2. An end cap bracket as claimed in claim 1 , wherein spring loaded mechanisms may be inserted in between at least one of the adjustable lock nut and pressure mount combinations for initial positioning of the head rail.

3. An end cap bracket as claimed in claim 2, wherein a slideable or clipable cover may be attached to the end cap bracket for covering the pressure mounting and blind positioning system.

4. An end cap bracket substantially as herein described with reference to the accompanying drawings.



Detailed Description and Drawings

Fig.l shows the view of the end of the head rail (4) with the end bracket 5 (3) positioned in the head rail (4). The pressure mount (2) is used to hold the head rail (4) in position exerting pressure against the recess of the window frame or surroundings (8). The adjustable locking nut (1) is used to apply additional pressure to the pressure mount and anchoring it in position against the window recess or surroundings. The treaded centre 10 core (5) moves in and out of the head rail (4) as the flat end (9) of centre core (5) is tightened or loosened with a spanner. When in final position the adjustable nut (1) is tightened to hold the blind in position eliminating unwanted movement.

15 Fig 2 shows the side view of the end cap (3) which is similar to Figure 1 with the inclusion of the spring (6) which is used for the initial positioning of the head rail (4). The spring (6) will exert enough pressure on the recess or surrounds to hold the head rail in position while the centre core (5) is tightened using the flat portion (9) of the centre core

20 (5) to tighten into its final position, then using adjustable nut (1) to tighten sufficiently to lock the head rail (4) in its final position.

Fig 3. Shows the head rail (4) and end cap (3) in position and the clip able or slide able cover (7) in position which slips on to the head rail (4) 25 and hides from view the end cap (3). The clip able or slide able cover (7) could be a small piece of head rail (4) or similar looking plastic or metal piece so as to make the final head rail (4) and slide able or clip able cover (7) look as one solid unit when in position.

30 Figure 4 shows the top view of the head rail (4) when in position anchored between the window recess areas (8). The adjustable centre core (5) can be tightened or loosened to easily manoeuvre the blind into the correct position left and right for better alignment Once in its final position the locking nut (1) can be tightened to secure the blind in its

35 final position.

Figure 5. Shows the front view of the head rail (4) in place between the window recesses (8). The left side shows the end cap bracket (3) prior to the clip able or slide able cover (7) being put on, and the right side show 40 the final view when the clip able or slide able cover (7) is in place. This is optional depending on if the blind has a valance which will cover the head rail anyway.