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WIPO Patent Application WO/2021/063295
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Disclosed is a fire-fighting water supply system for a super-long tunnel. The fire-fighting water supply system is specially designed for a high-cold, high-altitude, super-long tunnel such as Tianshan tunnel, wherein "intra-tunnel elevated tanks" are arranged at appropriate positions in the tunnel, a tunnel pipe network is reasonably partitioned, each elevated tank supplies tunnel fire-fighting water for a corresponding partition, and the super-long tunnel is virtualized into a plurality of "short tunnels", such that the problem of pipe network overpressure caused by static height difference in the tunnel being too large is solved, and the complex problem is effectively routinized and simplified. In addition, the ambient temperature in the tunnel is higher than that outside the tunnel, fire-fighting facilities such as the elevated tanks and pipelines in the tunnel, which are at a certain distance away from a tunnel entrance, barely have the problem of freezing, and structural water seepage in the tunnel can be fully used, thereby solving a series of problems such as the freezing of water sources, elevated tanks, lower tanks and pipelines when elevated tanks and lower tanks are arranged outside a tunnel.

GUO, Zhijie (Hanyang DistrictWuhan, Hubei 2, CN)
LIAO, Gaixia (Hanyang DistrictWuhan, Hubei 2, CN)
MIN, Quan (Hanyang DistrictWuhan, Hubei 2, CN)
WANG, Enshi (Hanyang DistrictWuhan, Hubei 2, CN)
YANG, Tao (Hanyang DistrictWuhan, Hubei 2, CN)
XIA, Shenyang (Hanyang DistrictWuhan, Hubei 2, CN)
YI, Yan (Hanyang DistrictWuhan, Hubei 2, CN)
DENG, Min (Hanyang DistrictWuhan, Hubei 2, CN)
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Publication Date:
April 08, 2021
Filing Date:
September 28, 2020
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WUHAN ZHONGJIAO TRAFFIC ENGINEERING CO., LTD. (GaixiaNo. 498 Parrot Avenue, Hanyang Distric, Wuhan Hubei 2, CN)
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WUHAN YUCHEN PATENT OFFICE (Kuan5th Floor, Model Building, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy o, Wuhan Hubei 0, CN)
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