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WIPO Patent Application WO/2021/008662
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This invention brings an easy assembly traveling bed for small children. The bed box (1) is very simple and so easy to fold up and to use. The suitcase looking cot/bed is a bed for kids. Just open it and then pull the two plastic shells (5) from each other, then the bed will flip up in a harmonica movement and be all ready for a child to sleep in. The mattress (18) is already there and if you have packed a pillow duvet and teddy bear that will also be inside the bed. The benefits from this design of a traveling bed are that it is very easy to use, but also very easy to handle because of the lightweight structure and the shoulder straps (29) or the optional wheels (8). The foldable bed box (1) is a safe place to put a child to sleep.

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January 21, 2021
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June 30, 2020
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A47D9/00; A45C5/03; A45C9/00; A47C17/82
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1. A Foldable bed box (01) as a transportable bed for children is characterized by comprising two hard plastic shells (05) and a flexible joint (06) to make it fold into a suitcase-like-object. The flexible joint (06) is made of textile, leather or TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) connecting the two hard plastic shells (05). The Foldable bed box (01) has a characteristic unfolding by releasing sliding locks (21, 22) placed on both sides of an integrated handle (16) on the hard plastic shells (05). By pulling the two hard plastic shells (05) from each other frames (03) and net (02) opens with a harmonica (11) structure and folds up. The frames (03) of the hood inside The Foldable bed box (01) is made of a durable material that can withhold the pressure of a child trying to push and hang against the hood, the material can be plastic, wood or metal etc. The Foldable bed box have a net (02) surrounding the whole sleeping area (01). The hood/net (02) has a see-through textile sewn around every single frame pole (03), then the roof and sealing of the net (02) is possible to see through. The frame-poles ends up in a hinge (09) fastened on the insides of the plastic shell (05) near the flexible joint (06), which hinge (09) cannot go further than upright position because of a stop nozzle injected inside the plastic shell (05). The hinge (09) is covered behind the net. There is open access to the bed on each side/end. The frames can only be released from the outside. In the end of both sides of the hood, there is a lock (39) to be fastened on the outside of the hard plastic shell (05). This locks the net (02) safely and the hood/net (02) cannot be moved or opened from the inside of the bed. The foldable bed box is equipped with a foldable mattress (18) 2. The foldable bed box (01) of claim 1 is further characterized in that it comprises a round split

(64) in one of the plastic shells (1) and a pocket (65) in the other plastic shell (1) that will guide the two plastic shells (05) close together and finally close totally.

3. The foldable bed box (01) of claim 1 is further characterized by slider locks (21, 22) the locks have an icon on it telling if the lock is open or locked. The lock (21, 22) must be moved or slide to allow the plastic shells (05) to open wide open.

4. The foldable bed box (01) of claim 1 is further characterized in that, it folds into a suitcase-like object, that can be square or other shapes.

5. The foldable bed box (01) of claim 1 is further characterized by that the integrated handle (16). is inject molded into the plastic shells (05) or be mounted on the plastic shells (05) if made of textile. The handle could also be an adjustable handle (16) coming from the inside of the bed, like a telescope handle(16) again this handle can be mounted on the inside or outside of the Foldable bed box. The handle (16) could be a string of textile simply placed through hole (30) in the hard plastic shells (05).

6. The foldable bed box (01) of claim 1 is further characterized having room for a mattress (18) inside The Foldable bed box (01). The mattress (18) can fold when packing the Foldable bed box (01) together. The mattress is light and flexible. The bottom surface inside the Foldable bed box (01) is characterized by a special pattern (71) that allows air to flow underneath a folding mattress


7. The foldable bed box (01) of claim 1 is further characterized by the opportunity to add-on wheels (08) on the inside of the hard plastic shells (05) and going out of the plastic shells (05). If wheels are mounted the foldable bed box is handled just like a trolley, when traveling. The wheels (08) can be mounted in a variety of angles positions and with different features of the wheels (08).

8. The foldable bed box (01) of claim 1 is further characterized in that there is a soft light(23) in the sealing of the net (23) placed between the frame (03) and textile of the hood/net/frame (02, 03) without access for the child. The light (23) can turn off and has a timer function. Music / Speaker, night vision camera is integrated in the light (23) as well. Both functions can be set on and turned off from outside the bed box only.

9. The foldable bed box (01) of claim 1 is further characterized in that two powerful braces (29) is externally of the hard plastic shells (5), that allow you to carry the bed. This brace can also fold into a shoulder strap (29) being mounted through a hole (30) through the plastic shell (05).

Foldable bed box

The invention

This travel bed/Cot for children here called Foldable bed box, is necessary for children when sleeping elsewhere than home where the child have its own bed. The Foldable bed box is a room/ bed for kids from 0, 5 - 6 years.

Very easy to open and close, slide the lock open and the foldable bed box opens, extend the net- frames and the bed is ready to use with a mattress, duvet, blanket and pillow inside.

The Foldable bed box is light and a safe environment for a child on the move, but also smart and very intuitive to use for the parents. It also has a mosquito/insect-net all around the bed.

Background of the invention.

The foldable bed box is designed with a safe hard box that surrounds the baby while it is sleeping. In addition, the design is made like a cozy cave, which will create peace for both parents and children. The lightweight textile in the hood is transparent and allows children and adults to see each other constantly.

The meaning of the bed is that the baby/child can be put to rest without the baby/child being able to get out of bed all the time, with the risk of damaging itself and thus not find peace during sleep time. The bed must therefore be able to be closed without the child feeling locked away in a closed bed.

The bed is safe environment for the child to sleep because it has a solid and strong plastic base/shells; this will prevent a hard and unlucky struck form people or animals to gain any damage to the sleeping baby/child. The rim of plastic shell limits draft to hit the baby/child when sleeping even when placed on the floor. When placed on the floor the bottom surface of the foldable bed box is fully supported and therefore there are no weight limitations for the child.

Only known technique like a foldable bed box is CN 201182315 Y (CHUNSHAN, W.) 2009.01.21, but this bed is not in one piece and molded in two materials of plastic, like the foldable bed box. The foldable bed box is also characterized by having moveable net -frames that locks into the integrated handles to prevent the child to get out of bed when needed. Differentiation from prior art

The foldable bed box differs from previous known designs by being a complete unified unit with a closed bottom frame generated by the two hard plastic shells (05) and the flexible joint (06) and the extendable frames (03) supporting the net/hood (02) that unfolds and folds with a few handling steps. These components create a closed sleeping area. This is obtained by few simple designed components that in interaction with each other provide a foldable bed box.

The mattress is made with good ventilation and the same is the bed with ventilation pattern in the bottom of the plastic shells.

If the child were to lose his/hers pacifier while sleeping, one could easily open the hood and help without having to bend over a high edge. You simply open the hood at one of the ends and quietly you can get to the child and close again without waking the child.

The bed can also be used as a cave and playground during the day. There are two doorways in both ends.

The bed is unfolded when in use, with a single click and also packed together with only one move and lock.

The bed is simple in the design, which makes it incredibly easy to operate both when assembling and unpacking in one and the same movement.

This Foldable bed box can also contain the child's duvet, pillow and sleep-teddy bear. At the same time the bed is mosquito and insect free, as the net encircles the whole bed. The design is made to suit baby's and young children and Safety is very important, that's why the design is made to be placed on the floor and the height of the bed is made low to indicate, that this is a "room" for sleeping, not standing.

So, when the child is going to sleep, at the neighbor, grandparents or elsewhere, all adults can manage the bed, the first time and easily find out the procedure how to open and close the bed.