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WIPO Patent Application WO/2021/232120
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The present invention, belonging to the productive processes for footwear sector, consists of an ergonomic footwear, light, soft, comfortable, impact resistant, low cost, non-slip, easy to clean and recyclable, which is characterized by comprising footwear made of foundry entirely in a single material, polyurethane (PU). This process takes place in aluminum molds that receive liquid polyurethane at a high temperature. After the injection, the material solidifies, thus forming, through the foundry, the footwear.

CHRISTIANO, Jose Julio (CXP 124, -000 IMBITUVA, BR)
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November 25, 2021
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August 12, 2020
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CHRISTIANO, Jose Julio (CXP 124, -000 IMBITUVA, BR)
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A43B9/16; A43B9/18; A43B1/14; A43B1/00; B29C44/12
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1. Product production process characterized by comprising footwear manufactured by foundry entirely in polyurethane, seamless, stitching or glue, with the sole and body in the same or different colors, being ergonomic, light, soft, comfortable, resistant to impact, low cost, non-slip, easy to clean and recyclable.



Field of Invention

[01] The present invention refers to a footwear entirely made of polyurethane. An invention refers, more specifically, to a manufacturing method, belonging to the Field of production processes s for footwear, made by the foundry of a unique material, or polyurethane, to create a footwear.

Backround and Related Art

[02] Currently, the existing footwears combine limitations and problems with the soles that take off easily, with the existence of products that are not very resistant and also have little durability and safety, as well as the complexity and slowness of the production process to the manufacturer. That said, the need to improve the shows that are delivered to the consumer market is notable, which directly influences the scope of footwear manufacturing processes in industries, due to contributing to the care, benefit and improvement of the consumers' integral condition, to which the present invention relates. It is also known that the materials used to give resistance to them need to be applied in high volume, which usually makes the production process more time consuming, requiring more steps and, finally, delivering an unfavorable product to the consumer.


[03] Figure 1 shows an isometric perspective view of footwear in accordance with the present invention;

[04] Figure 2 shows an isometric view with a footwear cutting table in accordance with the present invention;

[05] Figure 3 shows an isometric view in section of footwear in accordance with the present invention;

[06] In accordance with what the figures mentioned above illustrate, the description for understanding the invention of footwear manufactured by foundry entirely of polyurethane follows.

Detailed Description

[07] The present invention consists of a footwear characterized by comprising in its production process the foundry of a single material, polyurethane. Polyurethane (PU), the material that makes up the product of the invention, is a polymer formed by polyol and isocyanate by the foundry process. With the foundry, from a footwear mold, between parts entirely composed of PU, a unique piece is formed, which provides comfort to the consumer, both in a casual and professional environment, with its main functions being ergonomic, light, safe , comfortable, impact resistant, low cost, non-slip, easy to clean and can also be recycled.

[08] In this context, what can be compared to polyurethane (PU) footwears are footwear made with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) material, with varied proposals of models and sizes with rubber soles, with EVA interior and exterior, which are glued, joining upper footwear and sole, to manufacture products for similar purposes. However, none can compare to the concept of the invention in question, in which the structure of a footwear is entirely composed of PU, where the product consists of the foundry of the material itself, with no bonding procedure between the parts that make up the footwear.

[09] In order to solve such problems and benefit both the consumer and producer market, the present invention was developed, by means of which the footwear is produced by an aluminum mold that receives the PU material, with coloring pigmentation and finalize the product in the mold with a design selected for manufacturing.

[10] Since PU can be pigmented, the footwear made by means of polyurethane foundry, regardless of the design defined for series production, allows the creation of different colors of the product to please, also aesthetically, the consumer market.

[11] The body of the footwear is produced by going through the production process with the use of virgin PU in white or with pigmentation, which characterizes it, making sole and upper footwear a single component, through injection of material at high temperature, of 120° C, in the mold, solidifying the liquid polyurethane, with the foundry of the sole to the body, without seams or glue, providing a product with a light, soft and elegant finish, with an ergonomic character, comfortable, impact resistant, safe and low cost, non-slip and easy cleaning for the consumer, and also recyclable.

[12] Therefore, it is a footwear that consists of a technological and functional product, developed and tested with functional prototypes in the field in which it is located, which made it possible to prove the statements about the favorable use of an a footwear in agreement with the present invention, both in formal and casual use, as it is characterized by being extremely comfortable, in addition to its safety and ergonomics that please and benefit consumers.

[13] Idealized as an innovative product, the present invention, with an aspect, material and production process beneficial to the production market, results in a harmonious and unique set, which stands out mainly for its design, quality and composition delivered to the consumer market.

[14] The process is done first by producing the sole, from the injection of PU in the aluminum mold, forming it. Then, with the injection of the same material, the production of the upper footwear already joined to the sole occurs, where the polymer melts, making sole and footwear a single piece.

[15] The footwear produced by polyurethane foundry can be made using different models of footwear, for example: sandals, slippers, boots, which offers the manufacturer the possibility of manufacturing various footwear options, to use in different areas, focused in both casual and formal contexts, which delivers the advantages of the invention in focus, such as low cost, comfort, safety and easy cleaning, fundamental characteristics in the purchase choice of the consumer market.

[16] It is important to highlight the peculiarity of a footwear produced in accordance with the present invention, since the material can be recycled. This factor, in addition to reducing its cost, both for the manufacturer and the consumer, contributes to the preservation of the environment, as well as being a positive point for the consumer's decision at the time of purchase.

[17] Analyzing Figure 1, there is an isometric view of a footwear produced in a single material, polyurethane, consisting of item (01) upper footwear, and item (02) sole, converted into a single body by the foundry process. The footwear in question, shown in Figure 2, is produced in two stages with regard to foundry, which are: (1) production of the sole by injection into the mold, taking approximately 1 to 3 minutes, and (2) the production of the footwear through the second injection and, sequentially, from the foundry of the sole to the upper footwear, taking approximately 1 to 3 minutes, which solidifies forming, in the process, the footwear body, which can be seen in Figure 3. It is It is important to note that there is no need for an insole in the footwear, once they are used with socks, as the material is characterized by comfort.

[18] The footwear, is made by the injection of liquid polyurethane in aluminum molds and foundry of the material, requires approximately 3 to 6 minutes to design the final product and is finished after the product has cooled quickly at room temperature.