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WIPO Patent Application WO/2023/171000
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Provided is a garment which, even if a countermeasure against a hunched back is taken, can improve shortness of breath without having fatal adverse effects on the function of the countermeasure against the hunched back. This garment is provided with an elastic cylindrical body 200 covering the front surface, left and right lateral surfaces, and rear surface of the wearer under the armpits of the wearer. A recessed narrowing portion 300 is formed under the armpits so as to be a shorter circumferential length than the circumferential length of the location of the waist. When, with respect to the narrowing portion 300, the uppermost location is defined as A, the location where narrowing is greatest and circumferential length is shortest as B, the location of a contour line where narrowing widens by an increase in circumferential length as approaching the waist side as C, and the location of the waist as D, the compression of the left and right lateral parts to the wearer is B>A and B>D, and in the location of B, the left and right lateral surfaces are positioned in a region from the 7th rib to the 10th rib of the wearer.

TORATANI Ikuo (Matsuhama Ni Kahoku-sh, Ishikawa 72, JP)
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Publication Date:
September 14, 2023
Filing Date:
August 29, 2022
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TORATANI CO., LTD. (Kahoku-shi Ishikawa, 72, JP)
International Classes:
A41D1/00; A41B1/08; A41D27/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
SUZUE Shoji (5-15 Taiyujicho, Kita-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 51, JP)
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