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WIPO Patent Application WO/2021/232468
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A gripper assembly for a slag salvaging robot. The gripper assembly comprises a gripper, the gripper is composed of multiple gripping plates (7), and the multiple gripping plates are evenly arranged in a circumferential direction; the gripper assembly further comprises an opening and closing mechanism connected to the gripper, and the opening and closing mechanism drives the gripper to be closed inwards or opened outwards. The gripper can reduce the frequency and time of slag salvaging, and improve the production efficiency; furnace slag adhered to a furnace wall can be effectively cleaned, furnace mouth shrinkage caused by adhesion of the furnace slag and the furnace wall in a smelting process is avoided, and the utilization rate of a furnace lining is increased; and molten iron splashing caused by dross falling during slag salvaging can be effectively avoided, waste of the molten iron is reduced, and the safety is improved.

WU, Guowei (Huanglou Street Qingzhou Cit, Weifang Shandong 0, CN)
WU, Kunfan (Huanglou Street Qingzhou Cit, Weifang Shandong 0, CN)
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Publication Date:
November 25, 2021
Filing Date:
May 28, 2020
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QINGZHOU CHENTAI MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (Huanglou Street Qingzhou Cit, Weifang Shandong 0, CN)
International Classes:
B22D43/00; B25J15/00
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JINAN SHUNYUAN PATENT AGENCY CO., LTD. (Building No.2 Shuntai Plaza,No.2000, Shunhua Road, High-tech Distric, Jinan Shandong 1, CN)
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