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WIPO Patent Application WO/2013/027095
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The scope of the model in question is agriculture, nurseries and gardening. The invention has the following features: -Reduction of fifty per cent of current costs for the planting tree. -Giving the right support for the plant in the growth phase, without die need for maintenance. -Ensuring that a plant grows healthy without nodules by ligatures. -The re-use of the whole Model "Guardian to put a plant planted" in order to avoid any kind of pollution.

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February 28, 2013
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July 07, 2012
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1) The tutor for a plant to abode, is characterized by an iron structure feasible locally depending on the size of the plant.

2) The Tutor for a plant to abode, as per previous claim, is characterized by an iron structure positioned to avoid damage to the roots of the same plant.

3) The tutor to a plant to abode, as per previous claim, is characterized by a structure with the aid of a wire mesh protects the trunk of the plant from attack by animals.

4) The Tutor for a plant to abode, as per previous claim, is characterized by an adjustable collar locally depending on the size of the plant to plant.

4) The Tutor for a plant to abode, as per previous claim, is characterized by pegs inserted in the collar which ensure the support of the plant, allowing it to grow freely and without ligatures.

6) The Tutor for a plant to abode, as per previous claim, is characterized by the possibility of supporting a dwelling every type and size of the plant.

7) The Tutor for a plant to abode, as in the preceding claim, characterized by the possibility of its reuse.

8) The Tutor for a plant to abode, as in the preceding claim, characterized by the complete absence of pollution.


The model ensures the tree planting absolute stability, growth and straight and without nodules caused by the ligatures.

The model in question will allow us, in future, to see all the plants upright.

The current state of the art to support a large or small plant to stay has detected expensive and not very effective.

For planting a small plant-m. 1.50 - it's used to stick with a bat wooden pole on the ground which is linked to the same.

The ties - because the growth of the plant- they tear, so the same is exposed to the fury of the wind.

In this case maintenance is required which procures additional costs, since usually nothing is done, the plant grows curved and deformed, or even breaks.

The stake driven into the base of the plant damages the roots of potted constipated former nursery.

Several times to avoid this inconvenience, the pole is planted away from the plant, being the straight pole, the plant is in turn tied to it consequently grows crooked.

A mature plant - 2.50 m or a palm. 6 - is anchored in an improvised way with three wooden stakes driven vertical drawing a triangle around the plant.

The same at the end are connected between each other with wooden sleepers detached from the plant and Leaving them partially free.The wind pushes so the plant to lean of a sleeper which most often does not hold, as a consequence it will be necessary a maintenance operation. Since the recovery of a plant retort, the intervention is expensive and not very effective.

These costs and consequences are often borne by/in charge of the municipal administrations.

All this is verifiable in the public streets and parks of our cities.

The Utility Model (Guardian for a plant), will seek to resolve the current shortage in this area.

It offers support with an absolute guarantee for the loan abode of the plants of every kind, size and weight, without the aid of strings.

It is composed of two structures; referred to as "T.A." and "T.B." (see drawing plan. 1).

The two braces, can also be used together, in the case where you want to straighten a crooked tree. The "T.A." holds the plant up,

"T.B" supports it at the point where it is wants to straighten (see Table design. 1).

The brace "T.A." is usable for any type of plant and of any size, since, in addition to commercial production standards, can be designed according to your needs.

The collar that holds the plant is composed of four elements, is adjustable according to the size of the same (see Table TA design. 2,5). Can be

realized in p.v.c, aluminum or other material, while the structure can be realized I simple iron rod, or other according to the needs. Its

implementation is simple: assuming a cork-m.2.2 (Already planted in 1iie house of the inventor).

The equipment required is:

A collar type "T.A." No. 4 rows of 10 - seedlings - mm long. 2,500; n. 2 rows by 8 - half of the upper bracket - already shaped "U", with the base and sides of mm 500 mm. 400, n. 4 rows of 8 - 1/4 top bracket - already shaped angle of 45°,

size 300 mm per side, n.4 rows of 8 mm 800 - for lightning - necessary to stiffen the structure and place the plant upright, a pair of clippers and galvanized iron wire.

The assembly of "T.A." and planting the plant is simple and fast: it can be perfomed by a single worker. Stick - in part - all four shoes on the ground with a mallet and the help of a ladder, about 600mm from each other-inclined to the plant-outlining a square around the same. The collar is made-is provided with indents-assembling together four elements

around the stem of the plant, to desired height, the shoes are not driven entirely manageable with ease.

The collar - adjustable - in the put on shoes, which are linked to it - very slightly - it goes on to hammer the final anchor delivering the blows fairly to put the collar horizontally.

Mounts to the lower bracket - the two U - with wire, then the high

associated with the four squares depending on the height required,

Then you insert four pegs in the neck to hold the plant (see Table design.

2, 8) and allow the growth of about 80 mm clear of ligatures.

The installation of lightning stiffen the structure and ensure stability.

Hang the forty ligatures and in about fifteen minutes the work is completed. The tutor "TB" is provided with a collar composed of three elements "V" (see drawing TB

Table 3, 7), is usable for plants of small size, or even along with the "TA" (see Main drawing table 1).

The mounting system is the same, but it is a structure with three feet, with the aid of a single bracket and just sixteen ligatutes, its implementation presents extreme simplicity and speed.