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WIPO Patent Application WO/2021/001956
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Provided is a holder which can be carried by a user of a cane, etc., which can hold the cane in a manner not prone to falling even if there is no installed holder in a restaurant, etc., being visited, and which can eliminate situations where there is no place to put the cane nearby and the cane gets in the way. A holder 1 which holds a cane S in a manner not prone to falling is provided with: a stretchable annular ring member 2 which holds the cane S such that a grip vicinity S1 of the cane S is inserted therein; and a plate member 3 which has one end thereof attached to the ring member 2 via a key ring 13 and which supports the cane S while holding the cane S. The plate member 3 is provided with a plate member body 31 and an extension piece 32 which is provided in an extended manner thereto and in a manner allowing folding thereonto. An adhesive sheet 4 which is peelably adhered to a smooth surface T1 of a table T so as to allow support of the cane S is attached to a rear surface of the extension piece 32. A name plate whose surface is covered by a cover film which allows the adhesive sheet 4 to be peeled is attached to the rear surface of the plate member body 31 which overlaps the adhesive sheet 4 when the extension piece 32 is folded.

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January 07, 2021
Filing Date:
July 03, 2019
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International Classes:
A47G25/12; A47G29/00; A45B1/04
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SUGIMOTO Katsunori (JP)
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