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WIPO Patent Application WO/2006/072154
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This invention, in a single item, combines the features of identifying and protecting the users of drinking glasses or other liquid containers, thus avoiding contamination, caused by improper use of drinking glasses or other containers, allowing more protection and economy to domestic or public users. The referred identification and protection of drinking glasses and other containers product, is meant to, in a simple and economical way, contain contamination by use of drinking glasses or other containers (6) allowing it's identification simply by detaching the identifier (2) from the product (1) glued on the waste packaging (4) or on the returnable packaging (5) and sticking it in the drinking glass or liquid (7) container (6) allowing the easy identification of the drinking glass or container (6) that is being used by the same consumer, avoiding diseases or simple exchange.

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July 13, 2006
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March 01, 2005
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1. 1 ) IDENTIFIER OF DRINKING GLASSES, MUGS AND OTHER CONTAINERS FOR HUMAN CONSUMED LIQUIDS. Characterized for combining the features of identifying liquid containers and protecting human health in one single product. 2) IDENTIFIER OF DRINKING GLASSES, MUGS AND OTHER CONTAINERS FOR HUMAN CONSUMED LIQUIDS. According to claim number 1, the product is made of two parts, one with the glue (3) fixed on the packaging (4), (5) and the other to be detached serves as the identifier (2) to be glued on the liquid(7) container (6) with cut or perforated edge so the identifier (2) from the product (1) will separate easily, and in turn be glued on the liquid (7) container (6) to make it recognizable with better insurance that the container (6) is immune to contamination or simple exchange.


[ 1 ] The present invention refers to a protection that combines the features of enabling the identification of drinking glasses and similar containers and the protection of the users from diseases that may be caught by contact with the recipient in one single element, thus enabling more security in the identification of the element in use while reducing simple contact contamination.

[2] Nowadays, the existing methods supply only one of these features, without the characteristic of protecting against transmissible diseases triggered mainly by contact or use of the same container, that may be a glass, cup, mug and others, by several people, not allowing the container to provide it's complete hygiene necessity. The containers such as drinking glasses, cups, mugs and others are used only for their normal purposes, to provide a fraction of a drink from a larger container that may be a bottle can or plastic, but do not provide the necessary protection to the consumer due to the lack of the necessary identification in order not to mix the container with others that look the same, thus allowing contamination by the improper use of the same container by people contaminated with transmissible diseases that may come in contact with the same container of drinking material.

[3] This invention was developed with the intention of offering a product that combines these functions in a single element and at the same time solves the inconvenient suffered by the carriers of transmissible diseases. It enables the proper identification in order to protect the carrier of diseases and the ones that have not been contaminated, taking care of the necessity more efficiently without dependence on remedy by avoiding contamination. These features make it more practical, economical, and secure in the development of the prevention, user protection, against the possibilities of contamination caused by the improper use of the containers used by carriers of transmissible diseases. Some of the problems mentioned and the inconvenience caused to carrier of the transmissible disease by this type of contact, in addition to the losses accumulated by the country's health system because of the spread of diseases could be solved by this invention. With the proper care the product can be used in both situations. Replacing or complementing the traditional packaging currently used for the simple packing of the liquid, this invention, protects the end user, allowing the necessary identification of its drinking glass or similar in public places or even at home. Giving more protection to all and reducing the economical losses to the public as well as the government. The product that identifies the container carrying drinking liquid offers better protection and conservation of human health. With the identification system any type of packaging may be chosen, its function will be to detach the identifier already attached to the package so it can be placed on the

drinking glass or another container in use.

[4] This invention also has the purpose making it easy to identify the drinking glass or container in use.

[5] The mentioned identification system, provided by this invention, is made by a product with double adhesive coating, that can be attached to the packaging of liquids, and its top or external part, may be detached and glued on the drinking glass or other recipient in use, making it easy for every one to identify it and avoid unnecessary contact by different people.

[6J The invention can be better understood by the following detailed description and attached pictures:

[7] PICTURE 1 shows the front and side views of the components of the identification product as well as the packaging.

[8] PICTURE 2 shows the front view of the identification product with two possibilities of use on the packagings.

[9] PICTURE 3 shows a view of the identifying product with all of the invention's elements.

[10] The layers of the identifying product (2), are made of adhesive glue (3), where the identifier is located (2), close to the adhesive layer (1), that will be glued to the package(4) that may be any kind of package (5), can, glass, plastic, aluminum and others. The identifying product (2) will be detached from its place (1) glued on the package (4), (5), whichever one, and placed by the end user in his liquid(7) container(ό), allowing to easily identify (2) his container(ό), being it reusable or disposable.

[ 1 1] The packagings(4),(5) will have the product(l) attached to them, the identifier (2) so that it will be easy for the user to detach the identifier (2) and stick it to his drinking glass(6) or other liquid (7) container, so that people won't touch his drinking glass or other container (6), allowing more safety in the drinking of it liquid (7) of preference. The container (6), and the packagings (4), (5) can be chosen by the user, as long as it allows the identifying product ( 2) to be glued to it for his safety.

[ 12] The identifying product (2) may be have numbers, colors, cutouts, stripes, soccer team logos, commercial add from the manufacturer or from other companies, logos from other sports or a place to write names as well as the elements to be placed in the pachagings (4), (5), may be bracelets, tapes, rings, acrylics, costume jewelry, metals, gel or any other material with the same use. The use of the identifier (2) on containers (6) for liquids (7) to be consumed, does not need any maintenance, because after the container (6) is used, it can be removed, as it can be removed from the packaging (4) as well, (5) in case of returnable packaging (5), after it is removed, can receive a new identifying product (2), as many times as necessary.