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WIPO Patent Application WO/2021/056493
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Disclosed is an intelligent building intercom device for construction, the device comprising a main body, and further comprising a dust-proof device and a cleaning device. The main body comprises a protective housing, and the dust-proof device comprises a fixing rod, a storage barrel and a limiting rod, wherein the fixing rod is located on a side of the protective housing; a magnetic strip is fixedly connected to a front surface of the protective housing; the storage barrel is located on an inner side of the protective housing; a winding shaft is fixedly connected to an inner side of the storage barrel; torsional springs are respectively fixedly connected to two sides of the winding shaft; and a bearing is connected to a side of each of the torsional springs. By designing and mounting the storage barrel, etc., a surface of the device can be easily shielded from dust when the device is not in use, such that the problems caused by the fact that an existing intelligent building intercom device is not provided with devices, such as the storage cylinder, of the protective housing being directly exposed to the outside when the device is not in use, dust being directly attached to the surface of the protective housing, and secondary cleaning being needed when the device is used again are solved.

HUANG, JiHou (1 Unit 2 Longshang, No. 8 Yunshan Road, Zhanggong Distric, Ganzhou Jiangxi 0, CN)
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April 01, 2021
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September 28, 2019
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JADE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD (Ganzhou Development Zone South of Qitong Avenu, Ganzhou Jiangxi 0, CN)
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B08B17/04; H04N7/18
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GANZHOU ZHIFU SHENGZE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AGENCY (GENERAL PARTNERSHIP) et al. (Building A Caizhi Plaza, No.18 Xingguo Road, Zhanggong District, Ganzhou Cit, Ganzhou Jiangxi 0, CN)
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