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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/013792
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The present invention relates to a juice extractor which is improved to have significantly increased compression efficiency and production speed in extracting juice from raw materials such as vegetables or fruits, and thus can satisfactorily be commercially used in business establishments. Accordingly, the present invention comprises: a raw material charging means (10) which forcibly charges a raw material (S), charged into a hopper (11), into an inlet (14) by means of a charging screw (13) which is rotated by the power of a deceleration motor (12); a raw material extrusion means (20) which allows the raw material (S) to be transferred in the horizontal direction and compressed in an extrusion hole (23) of a screw housing (21) by means of an extrusion screw (25) which receives power from a driving motor (24); and a juice extraction means (30) which includes a juice extraction mesh (32) having an extraction hole (31), into which the extrusion screw (25) is inserted, in front of the screw housing (21), the juice extraction mesh (32) being made of any one of a screen mesh or a perforated mesh. The extrusion screw (25) is provided with a screw piece (250) having pitch intervals (P, P') which gradually become narrower in the direction of progress in which the raw material (S) is transferred so that the raw material (S) can be primarily compressed. The extraction hole (31) is provided with a conical screw shaft (252) which is extended to a linear screw shaft (251) of the extrusion screw (25) in the extrusion hole (23), the conical screw shaft (252) having a diameter which gradually increases in the direction of progress in which the raw material (S) is transferred so that the raw material (S) can be secondarily compressed. A compression path (254) is provided between a plurality of guide protrusions (253) which protrude in the circumferential direction from the outer circumferential surface of the end part of the conical screw shaft (252) so that the raw material (S) can be tertiarily compressed, thereby extracting juice. A plurality of raw material guiding members (33) which also serve as cutters are longitudinally provided on the inner circumferential surface of the juice extraction mesh (32) to interrupt the rotation of the raw material (S) which is rotated by the extrusion screw (25) so as to move the raw material (S) in a straight direction whereby production speed is improved.

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Publication Date:
March 24, 2016
Filing Date:
July 10, 2015
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A47J19/02; A47J19/06; A47J43/07
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KIM, Suik (KR)
김수익 (KR)
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