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Patent Searching and Data

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WIPO Patent Application WO/2020/231007
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The present invention relates to a medical equipment learning system and, particularly, to a medical artificial intelligence learning system in which medical data expressed in characters is converted into image data, and the image data is provided so as to be used for learning of a medical artificial intelligence. A medical equipment learning system according to the present invention comprises: a data extraction module (100) for collecting and then extracting character data (120) from medical data (110); a visualization module (200) for generating image data (210), which is visualization data, by using the character data (120) extracted by the data extraction module (100); a preprocessing module (300) for generating an input data set (310) for execution of machine learning on the basis of the visualization data; a learning module (400) for executing machine learning on the input data set (310) generated by the preprocessing module (300); a prediction module (500) for predicting a disease when new image data is input, on the basis of a result learned by the learning module (400); and a storage module (600) provided so as to store and check data of each module. The data extraction module (100) is a preconfigured two-dimensional or three-dimensional model. The visualization module (200) may change one or more among the color, brightness or transparency, pattern, and texture of the visualization data according to a name of a disease, severity of the disease, a degree of being acute/chronic and a degree of being malignant, various test results, function test results, and data results extracted from the equipment. The preprocessing module (300) adds a blood test result and a function test result to the image data (210) generated by the visualization module (200). Further, the preprocessing module (300) generates the input data set (310) by processing the visualization data.

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November 19, 2020
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April 06, 2020
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G16H50/70; G16H15/00; G16H50/20; G16H50/80; G16H70/00
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KIM, Jong Seok (KR)
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