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WIPO Patent Application WO/2021/077479
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Disclosed is a method for disassembling a photovoltaic module, comprising the following steps: a spraying device for spraying liquid is opposite to a back surface of a photovoltaic module, and the flow direction of a fluid sprayed by the spraying device forms an inclination with the back surface of the photovoltaic module in a non-perpendicular state; the pressure of the fluid sprayed by the spraying device is controlled, such that a fluid containing a liquid forms a notch at the back surface of the photovoltaic module; the fluid is injected into the interior of the photovoltaic module at an inclining angle along the notch, and the fluid having the pressure expands inside of the photovoltaic module and forms a cutting, such that a first EVA glue layer is crushed and separated from glass, a silicon wafer is crushed, and a second EVA glue layer is separated from the silicon wafer, the second EVA glue layer being bonded together with a back plate and broken into blocks of different sizes; and the spraying device and the photovoltaic module are controlled to form relative movement according to a configured path, the spraying device disassembling the whole photovoltaic module according to the described method. The present invention has the advantage of improving disassembly efficiency.

XU, Zhongxing (Xinbei DistrictChangzhou, Jiangsu 0, CN)
ZHUANG, Huliang (Xinbei DistrictChangzhou, Jiangsu 0, CN)
WANG, Yongping (Xinbei DistrictChangzhou, Jiangsu 0, CN)
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Publication Date:
April 29, 2021
Filing Date:
November 11, 2019
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CHANGZHOU RUISAI ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (HuliangNo. 6 Information Avenue, Xinbei Distric, Changzhou Jiangsu 0, CN)
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B09B3/00; H01L31/18
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CHANGZHOU HUAXIN TIANCHENG PATENT AGENCY OFFICE (GENERAL PARTNER) (XingjiangRoom 305, Building C, National Enterprise Incubation Center,No. 901 Liaohe Road, Xinbei Distric, Changzhou Jiangsu 0, CN)
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