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WIPO Patent Application WO/2008/029273
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One touch autopaint brush means material pump usually electric pump setted on the top of painting can or side of painting can. Intake material into paint material out take material through the tube pipe into painting brush so can paint continuously. Reasonably much save time because do not need painting brush go and back to painting can each brush material capacity. More safe to painting, and more less excess energy.

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Publication Date:
March 13, 2008
Filing Date:
October 03, 2007
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The claim

Claim.1. This invention, One touch auto paint brush have one touch button/ power on that material into brush surface.

Claim.2. One touch auto paint brush have electric pump setting painting can.

Claim.3. One touch auto paint brush can paint continuancely

Claim.4. One touch auto paint brush have a filter the end of material intake pipe.

Claim.5. One touch auto paint brush have a brush holder setting paint can.

Claim.6. One touch auto paint brush have a belt or body tie holder.

Claim 7. One touch auto paint brushcan change a need .. brush one touch from handle when

The Claim

Claim 8. One touch auto paint brush have a lot of different kinds of brush style has

material pump has, like ele- ctric pump or other.

Claim 10. One touch auto paint brush material pump can set every different kinds of position.

Claim 1 1. One touch auto paint brush can set into existing paint brush when need one touchlly style has.

Claim 12. One touch auto paint brush at the end of pipe at paint brush side have that flexible material has.


Tit le of Invention: One touch auto paint Brush.

One touch auto paint Brush relates when painting job to how to more safe, more easy, or more high quality. Can paint continuously because paint material pump sending to the paint brush through the tube and

also can control 2 different kinds of controller. One is setted on the material pump. The other is setted on the paint brush one touchlly or other controller. Will much save time, job more safe,

reasonably coming up quality.

Back Ground of The Invention

One touch auto paint brush bring

into. How safe to painting when useing paint brush. many of hours need to paint on the ladder like sometimes 10 feet, 15 feet 20 feet

and more. But thus invention one touch auto paint brush is not

need brush go and back to pain-

ting can because material pump works so, much save time, much job save and also going to less

energy bring more quality.


this invention one touch auto paint brush

holding left hand at on the 10 feet, 15 feet

with painting brush right hand side painting job time, some thing feel very dangerous but need to do job, so, those time, this invention can hold ladder by the left hand all the time , and also, do not need painting brush go and

paint material pump bring materail

ugh the pipe tube, and also can cont- roll how much quantity need by the material pump and painting brush switch

Provisional Application


This special component is invention. When using brush at painting time,one hand holding painting can, the other hand are painting, on the step of ladder,,,How dangerous it is. because insurance are higher and higher, novs this invention works more safety,when touch with push button at painting brush,material coming into brush through tube or pipe . Material pump are settled painting can with holding painting can for body also, painting can can capped.

When loose button at one touch auto paint brush,material will holding.

Painting more convenience with safe, save time, save energy, and job quality advancement.

Breaf Description of The Drawing.

Drawing Page No.l.

Fig 1. are view from slanting high.

Fig 2. are view from side.

Fig 3. are view from top. Drawing Page No.2.

Fig 4. are view from using existing brush to set up this invention.

Detail Description of The Drawing.

Drawing Page No.l. a . means One touch auto paint brush button. b . means material tube inside paint brush into brush surface. c . means paint material tube,between brush and electric pump. d . means paint material electric pump with battery. f . means filter at the end of tube pipe inside paint can. g . means air duct. g . means paint brush holder h . means electric wire between buttom and electric pump. i . means body tie holder. j . me"ans One touch auto paint brush paint can cap every 1 Gallon, 2 Gallon, and 5 Gallon.