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WIPO Patent Application WO/2020/098899
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There are 422 person has diabetes and everyone has diabetes his foot maybe amputates because any score in his foot maybe improve until it makes the foot amputate so, I did search to know reasons of amputating feet or what makes feet be in this place it was 4 reasons 1- drying of the skin 2- bacteria that emitted from sweat in the foot 3- damage of nerves 4-the wearing of uncomfortable shoes for a long time So, we will do comfort shoes or pad that will be made of rubber silicon because it solves problem of drying skin and contain in it hydrogen water that will treat damage of nervous also we use silver and honey wax to kill bacteria silver is one of the most effective killers to bacteria also it kills only harmful bacteria not benefit because benefit bacteria has lipid layer that silver can't go through also we use honey wax to decrease oxidation of bacteria because silver color is changing when bacteria is over also honey wax solve the problem of damage the nerves.

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May 22, 2020
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January 09, 2019
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A43B1/00; A43B7/00
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First content requires save: shoes contains silver to kill bacteria

Second content requires save: as shown in first one shoes contains silver and honey wax

3rd content requires save: as shown in first and second one shoes from silicon contains silver, honey wax and oxygen water


received by the International Bureau on 29 August 2019 (29.08.2019)

1- pad for diabetics to protect their feet from amputation and this pad


1- hydrogen peroxide

2- silver

3- beeswax

2- the pad as in claim 1 hydrogen peroxide will be added to the pad and the pad will have pores which will emit hydrogen peroxide with a specific amount and hydrogen peroxide will be added with very low concentration 4% to don't affect or hurt the skin

3- the pad as in claim 2 silver will added in the pure form with caliber 1000 to kill bacteria more effectively and it will be very thin like a paper

4- the pad as in claim 3 beeswax will added in the dry form

The preventive shoes

Technical Field :

Medical Equipment

Background Art

There are no previous solutions for treating diabetic foot using shoes or to make shoes to prevent from amputate foot also there is no shoes treat any disease or prevent from it or its riskiness also all shoes depend only on its material and not if it will prevent foot or not

Why it wasn't effective

Previously shoes weren'ttreating any disease it depends only on make comfort zone to the foot and it didn't treat or kill bacteria or treat damage of nerves and because of its feet amputate so our shoes will solve these problems (bacteria, nervous damage and drying of skin)

Disclosure of Invention

Description includes

Shoes that contains of silicon has oxygen water in low concentration that didn't affect skin and ori it powder of silver and honey wax located on the zone that finger locate and in the zone of heel and every content of these has mission differ than the other

Silver: it kills bacteria that emit from sweat that get from foot and it has high efficiency like the strongest antibiotics that can kill this kind of bacteria and kills any kind of bacteria

Silicon: it solves the problem of drying skin

Honey wax: it solves problem of damage nerves and it prevents silver for a long time from being oxide or change its color

Hydrogen water: to treat damage of nerves also it kills bacteria by high efficiency

And I test every content to know if it effective to kill bacteria or not by test it on bacteria grows in sores called staphylococcus and I compare (silver, oxygen water and honey wax) with the most effective antibiotics kills these bacteria (ampicillin - rifampicin) and results in the table below .

Way of exploitation

It will apply by make 2 layers of silicon between them oxygen water and the upper layer has very small holes that can pass small amount of oxygen water and on the top powder of silver and honey wax but silver is on the top to be touch the skin and all these steps will make to us insole that if any patient wear will save his foot Brief description of the drawings:

Figure 1: imaginary drawing for isoline from siliconfor only fingers

Figure 2: imaginary drawing for isoline from silicon to only heels

Figure 3: oxygen water that will treat damage of nerves and kill bacteria

Figure 4: pure silver that kills bacteria because to kill bacteria we need to very pure silver

Figure 5: honey wax that will prevent silver from

oxidation and treat damage of nerves also from another way

Figure 6: imaginary drawing for isoline that will be in fingers and heels only and nol shows holes that will give small amount of oxygen water to the heel and finger and the other area has honey wax and above it the silver

Figure 7: this plate contains silver and honey wax and shows clear zone that don’t have bacteria and have ampicillin and rifampicin and how efficiency is almost very similar and one disk control Figure 8: this plate shows bacteria before growing

Figure9: this plate shows oxygen water and how its efficiency more than the other