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WIPO Patent Application WO/2021/110231
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June 10, 2021
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December 04, 2019
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1 - A method for recycling Ships Slops inside the port environmentally A - Pumping Ships from main Slops tank to Reactor 1 B - Heating the Slops by means of Steam.

C - When reaching the water evaporation temperature, it will pass by the condenser to condense in the water receiver tank

D - Separation take place between water and Slops mixture.

E - Final water treatment takes place

2 -The method of Claim 1 B, Where the steam produced by concentrated Solar thermal unit.

3 - The method of claim 1 A, w where electricity produced by Solar PV panels.

4 - The method of claim 1 E, where the water treatment is accomplished by injecting Ozone gas generator.

5- The method of claim 1, where the whole process takes place inside the ports.

6 - The method of claim 1, where a green flag is raised upon the port that can fulfil zero waste system we propose.

Background of the invention

Rereferring to Marpol, the international convention for the prevention of pollution from ships - the main international convention for addressing ships sourced pollution.

Technical annexes:

• Annex 1: Regulations for the prevention of pollution by oil

• Annex 2: Regulations for the control of pollution by noxious liquid substance in bulk

• Annex 3: Regulations for the prevention of pollution by harmful substance carried by sea in package form.

• Annex 4: Regulations for prevention of pollution by sewage from ships.

• Annex 5: Regulations for the prevention of pollution by garbage from ships.

• Annex 6: Regulations for the prevention of air pollution from ships

All the ships waste must be delivered to sea ports, and hence it is handed to port operators, whom in turn must dispose in an environmental way according to separately conducted regulations, which is totally different from a country to country and even from a port to port.

# It is obviously apparent that a need for a solution for zero waste port is a must to complete the environmental cycle, in addition to a legislation to enforce it to support climate change and zero carbon issue. Description

Environmental solution to recycle ships slops waste inside the port Targeting total green ports zero waste, and at the same time zero C02 Imitations during the operation.

- The first novel directions in this invention is using Solar energy, both PV Solar panels to generate electricity needed by the system and concentrated thermal solar to provide the heat needed for recycling

- The second point, is combining Solar energy (PV -Thermal solar) together with Ozone gas, which is a powerful oxidizer in addition to its powerful ability to treat contaminated wasted water to achieve maximum safety in the process results.

- First step we pump the slops from Slops tank to Reactor 1

- We connect the solar thermal unit, and we chose the right location for irradiation, and the vacuum tube which is responsible for injecting steam will be extended to the entering point in the main reactor.

- The same time PV panel extended cable will generate electricity to Agitator inside Reactorl, and Ozone generator.

- The condenser is connected between Reactor 1, and condensed water receiver.

- Steam is injected in Reactor 1 by Solar thermal CSP to heat The Slops , while agitator is mixing components.

- When the temperature inside reactor reaches 100 C, water boiling temperature it will evaporate. - The evaporated water will pass by a filter before being condensed by means of condenser.

- The condensed water will be collected inside the water receiver tank.

- The collected condensed water will be treated again by Ozone gas via Ozone generator, to assure full environmental treatment.

- This clean treated water can be pumped to be used in Steam production, or any other useful option.

- What will be left in Reactor 1 will be Heavy fuel oil, ready for selling as end product.

- Our new process is multitasked operation, saving the environment, fighting C02 immersions, and generating money at the same time.

- Prestigious, and environmental green project for Ports.

Field of the invention

This invention relates to an environmental method, and system to recycle ships waste marpol, and slops inside the port to achieve zero waste ports eligible to raise a green flag.

Specifically, the invention relates to a novel technique to achieve the desired recycle task, and at the same time don't release any carbon or any source of contamination during the process, which contradicts with what is happening right now in following examples:

1 - Using emulsions to separate oily material from the waste water, which is toxic chemicals very harmful for the environment.

2 - No proper waste water treatment, specially it is not strictly monitored.

3 - The oily substance is frequently sold as cheap fuel for burning in ovens, which is not only releasing carbon to the air but also other toxic gases released as a result of chemical usage to separate oily substance from waste water.

Green flag solution should be the new measure of a green safe port /following strict environmental measures, and at the same time enjoy a new economic value after recycle operation which will result in producing heavy fuel oil in return of contaminating waste , when our ultimate target before was just to get rid of it as waste in a safe way . It is an object for the present invention to provide a method, and a system to achieve the desired zero waste ports target.

Unifying the rules in order to move in one right well studied direction instead of random treatments, which are mostly disturbing the Environment, and effecting climate change.

Our solution system is receiving the ships slops, and marpol in our tanks Then it is recycled to get heavy fuel oil, and fully treated waste water.

The final result is accomplished by the use of Solar thermal unit accommodated to work with the recycle unit.

Drawing description

1- Waste slops tank

2- Reactor 1, where slops is treated

3- Condensed water tank

4- Condenser

5- Motor, gearbox

6- Ozone generator

7- Solar PV panels

8- Concentrated solar thermal unit, ex. CSP

9- Vacuum tube

10- Fresh water tank

11- Steam pipeline.

12- Final treated water tank.

13- The Sun

14- Ozone pipe

15- Treated water pipe