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WIPO Patent Application WO2004072482
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The invention discloses a rotor pump including a cylinder block having a front and rear end covers secured to the front and rear end surfaces of the cylinder block respectively, said cylinder block defines a inner chamber together with the front and rear end covers; a cam rotor being fitted in the inner chamber of the cylinder block, a portion of the cam rotor having the maximum turning radius, bringing into sliding contact with the inner surface of cylinder block so as to form an axially extended seal region; a shaft, on which the cam rotor assembly is mounted and ratable therewith; a chamber separating means for separating the axially extended sealed chamber, which is formed between the outer surface of rotor and the inner wall of cylinder block, into an intake chamber and an exhaust chamber; and an inlet and an outlet provided at the two sides of said separating means and communicating with the intake chamber and the exhaust chamber respectively, wherein said chamber separating means comprises a dam plate, on an end of which pivot pin is mounted and which end is opposed to the cam rotor, said cylinder block forms an axially extending hole open to the inner chamber, said dam plate is mounted in the hole and supported rotatablely by the hole and makes the dam plate rotatable in a predetermined range, said dam plate divides the inner chamber of the cylinder chamber into the intake chamber and the exhaust chamber by supporting on the outer peripheral of the cam rotor; and a biasing spring being used to bias the dam plate so as to the inner of the dam plate abutted against the outer surface of said cam rotor, one end of said biasing spring acts on the cylinder body while the other end of it acts directly on the pin of the dam plate.

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October 21, 2004
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February 11, 2004
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F04C2/46; (IPC1-7): F04C2/46; F04C18/46
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