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WIPO Patent Application WO/2013/130012
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This newly design ladder allow two workers to work safely on top of the ladder which with the fastening of the safety belt. This ladder has four linkages to support and hold the safety of two person on top of it. The linkages are at the side of this ladder, it can support and hold the ladder for falling side way. The ladder can be extendable depend on how high a worker want.

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September 06, 2013
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March 23, 2012
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1. It consist of four linkages to support and hold the ladder, to be fall on side way during unbalance.

2. It can be extension to higher position.

3. It has a temporary working board for one man to stand or sit, and perform duties on top of the ladder.


There are many ordinary ladder which are not safe when they are being used. This newly design safety ladder is safe when it perform high or low level of duties, it let the safety belt to be used when it is in high position of duties. The newly design ladder can be used as a temporary small work place in high or low position from the ground.

It consist of four extra linkages to support and hold, the weight and safety of two person on top of the ladder. This four extra linkages are at the other side of the new ladder, without blocking the way of climbing the ladder. This new ladder also can be extended, depending on the height of one's wish. So they can be adjustable for the extension of on how high a person want the new ladder to be.

It can also be folded and easy to be carry after used, the new design ladder allow one person, to sit or stand, on top of the ladder to carry out duties.


Figure 1 : Shown a newly design ladder, temporary working board A is located on top new ladder, it can be folded downward when the ladder is folding up. it can also hold heavy weight and allow one person to work and sit on it.

The linkages B are adjustable and able to slide up or down alone the bar of new ladder, depend on the extension of new ladder. Linkages B can be keep, because they are linking to the ladder.

Bars C are holder that does not allow the new ladder to slide apart, when it is being separate apart from folding up.

Main iron bar D is the main structure of the ladder.

Figure 2: It is linkages B and consist of two adjustable bracket F that can be, sliding up and down the pipe of the new ladder. The bar E is allow to keep the linkages B (in figure 1) when ladder is being folding after use.

The handle G is easy for tighten up both bracket F together.

Knob H is used to prevent and blocking the bracket F from slide a stopper to stop bracket F from sliding after being tight together. It act as a groove I allow the knob H to be able to slide up and down inside the main iron bar D.

Figure 3: Shown the top part of the new ladder, it is the temporary board A, picture j shown the inner part of the connecting structure, the circular inner bar N has thread L to screw into circular outer bar M with thread L too. The circular outer bar M is welded on to the temporary working board A. The circular inner bar N has a handle T for one's to tighten the circular outer bar M. These bars can hold heavy load when applying.

Figure 4: Shown both bars connected together with lock to lock them together, to prevent the new design ladder to slide off when the ladder is opening for use. The groove I allow both to keep inside the main iron bar D, once the lock is being open.

Figure 5: Shown the holes Q that allow the handle to stop the secondary iron bars sliding off the main iron bars D of the new design ladder. Figure 6: Consist of four safety brackets for fastening of safety belt; when workers is on top of the ladder.

Figure 7: This new design ladder can be separated into two new ladders.