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WIPO Patent Application WO/2021/065396
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[Problem] To provide: a sash which can be assembled without performing notch processing that requires skill of a worker or a high-cost processing device and can also be assembled by only cutting the dimension of a shape material even when there is a need to shorten the dimension of the shape material due to a dimensional change to an opening section in a construction field of a building, and with which the assembly direction of a shape material required for correct assembly of a sash frame can be simply confirmed; and an assembly structure for the sash. [Solution] The present invention is configured such that at least two corner blocks among a first corner block 61 that connects a right vertical stile 2 and an upper horizontal stile 4, a second corner block 62 that connects the upper horizontal stile 4 and a left vertical stile 3, a third corner block 63 that connects the left vertical stile 3 and a lower horizontal stile 5, and a fourth corner block 64 that connects the lower horizontal stile 5 and the right vertical stile 2 have the same shape or have mirror image shapes.

MAEDA Sadahiro (Tokyo Nissan Nishigotanda Bldg., 32-1, Nishigotanda 4-chom, Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 31, JP)
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April 08, 2021
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September 09, 2020
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FUJISASH CO., LTD. (1-2 Kashimada 1-chome, Saiwai-k, Kawasaki-shi Kanagawa 58, JP)
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SHIMADA Yoshikatsu et al. (Room 1011 Hosokawa Bldg., 1-17, Akasaka 1-chom, Minato-ku Tokyo 52, JP)
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