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WIPO Patent Application WO/2013/119162
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A spring bed has a permanently fitted covering (16) and furthermore has an additional covering (17) that is form-sewn and folded in under the bed and fastened with the Velcro strip (20, 21) against the bottom of the bed.

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August 15, 2013
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January 25, 2013
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A47C21/02; A47C9/04; A47C31/02
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See also references of EP 2811864A4
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├ůSLUND, Roland (Krylbo, SE)
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1. A spring bed comprising a frame (11) with integrated spring mattress (13, 14, 15), whereby the spring bed has a permanently fitted textile covering (16),

characterized by

a form-sewn, additional textile covering (17) on the outside of the permanently fitted textile covering (16) and which additional textile covering is fastened with a Velcro strip (20, 21) to the bottom edge of the bed.

2. The spring bed according to claim 1 , characterized in that the bed is a double bed that has two spring beds standing adjacent to one another and with a permanently fitted textile covering (16) and that the additional textile covering (17) is common and covers both of these spring beds.

A spring bed with a removable outer textile covering

Area of the invention

The invention relates to a spring bed that comprises a frame with integrated spring mattress, which spring bed has a permanently fitted textile covering.

Background of the invention

A customer who buys a bed would like to be able to choose the covering and the store cannot have different variants in stock. The manufacturer must also manufacture a bed with different coverings. In sum, this creates a higher cost.

Purpose of the invention

One goal is to give the customer a greater possibility of choices without making the product more expensive. Short description of the invention

According to the invention a form-sewn outer textile covering is on the outside of the permanently fitted textile covering and this outer textile covering is fixed with a Velcro strip to the edge of the bottom of the bed. The invention is defined by the claims.

Short description of the figure

The figure is a section through one side of a bed that is an example of the invention. Description of a presented example of the invention

The figure shows bed frame 1 1 of wood with a bottom of laths 12 and an integrated, double-spring spring mattress with a layer of spiral springs 13 that rest on the laths and with an upper layer of pocket springs 14. A padding 15 rests on the springs. A permanently fitted covering 16 is present around the entire bed. An ad- ditional covering 17 is present outside of this covering 16. This additional covering 17 is form-sewn and removable. It is folded under the bed and fastened at the edge of the bottom with a Velcro strip whose one part is fastened in the bottom of the bed and the other part 21 is fastened in the edge of covering 17. Alternatively, the bed can be intended to be used with a thick comfort mattress. The bed can then have only one layer of springs and no pocket springs. The inner covering 15 can be fairly simple and be the same on all manufactured beds. The store that sells the bed keeps a supply of outer coverings 17 in conjunction with the purchase. The customer can, if so desired, purchase an outer covering in another fabric upon a later occasion. The inner covering 16 can be used as the only covering, for example, when the outer covering 17 is being washed.