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WIPO Patent Application WO/2023/168887
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A variable stiffness-based supernumerary robotic limb auxiliary support method: first, data of a surface electromyographic sensor and an inertial sensor are obtained; the data of the inertial sensor is processed, and whether a wearer has an operation intention is determined; the data of the surface electromyographic sensor is preprocessed, comprising full-wave rectification, low-pass filtering, and normalization; a preprocessed surface electromyographic signal is used to estimate reference stiffness of the arm of the wearer; and the reference stiffness of the arm is mapped into an impedance control model of a supernumerary robotic limb. The described method uses a coordinated approach between the stiffness of a human arm and the stiffness of a robotic arm to achieve human-machine collaboration of the human and the supernumerary limb in over-the-head support tasks, and may reduce the amount of effort required from personnel during the tasks. When the stiffness of the arm of the wearer is reduced, the stiffness of the robotic arm is increased, and the supernumerary limb may generate a greater support force when an operator is tired, which helps to reduce the work intensity of the wearer and reduce the risk of injury due to fatigue of the wearer.

ZENG, Hong (Xuanwu DistrictNanjing, Jiangsu 6, CN)
ZHANG, Huayu (Xuanwu DistrictNanjing, Jiangsu 6, CN)
ZHANG, Jianxi (Xuanwu DistrictNanjing, Jiangsu 6, CN)
SONG, Aiguo (Xuanwu DistrictNanjing, Jiangsu 6, CN)
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Publication Date:
September 14, 2023
Filing Date:
July 25, 2022
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SOUTHEAST UNIVERSITY (Xuanwu DistrictNanjing, Jiangsu 6, CN)
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NANJING ZHONGLIAN PATENT AGENCY CO., LTD. (Wanda Business Building No.129 Fuyuan Street, Jianye Distric, Nanjing City Jiangsu 7, CN)
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