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Japanese Patent JPS6036205
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PURPOSE: To prevent pollution of articles and an error in work through automation of taking out of goods such as a photo-mask and the like by providing a storage section storing the plural number of cases, an opening/closing operational section which opens or closes a case, a taking out section which takes out goods from the case and the like.

CONSTITUTION: Two sets of storing shelves 7 are provided in opposition to each other in a clean bench 6, with an air cleaner device provided in it. An entrance/ exit 8, opened or closed by means of a door and equipped with a shelf of plural steps, is provided by the side of one shelf 7, while an opening/closing device 9 to open or close a lid 4 of a case 2, capable of housing one sheet of an article 1, is provided by the side of the other shelf 7. Said opening/closing device 9 is formed by providing a sucker on the tip of an arm which sways freely, and a transferring device 16, formed by providing an elevator 20 equipped with a holding tool 24, is provided on a truck 19 freely movable along rails between said device 9 and the shelf 7. Further, a taking out device 28, which takes out the article 1 from the case 2 released from the lid 4, is provided adjacently to the opening/closing device 9.

Fukui, Toru
Nagatomo, Hiroto
Adachi, Kazumi
Application Number:
Publication Date:
February 25, 1985
Filing Date:
August 08, 1983
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International Classes:
B65B69/00; B65G1/00; B65G1/02; B65G1/04; B65G1/137; (IPC1-7): B65B69/00; B65G1/00; B65G1/06