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Japanese Patent JP3799653
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable the use of fibers themselves as a catalytic body and to solve problem such as the falling of fixed photocatalyst particles by forming a photocatalytic body from titania fibers having a specified BET specific surface area.
SOLUTION: This photocatalytic body used for the cleaning of air such as the decomposition and removal of NOx and malodorous substances and the purification of water such as the purification of polluted rivers, lakes and marshes is formed using continuous titania fibers having ≥10m2/g BET specific surface area and contg. 1-50wt.% silica. The crystal form of the titania fibers is not especially limited but titania fibers having the crystal form of anatase are preferably used. Since silica is contained in the titania fibers, the crystal structure of anatase can be stabilized and grain growth of primary grains constituting the fibers is suppressed to attain a proper primary grain diameter for a photocatalyst.

小池 宏信
沖 泰行
赤田 勝巳
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July 19, 2006
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April 11, 1996
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B01J21/06; B01J35/02; B01D53/86; B01J21/08; B01J35/06; D01F9/08; (IPC1-7): B01J35/02; B01J21/06; B01J21/08; B01J35/06; D01F9/08
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久保山 隆