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Japanese Patent JPS5862530
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PURPOSE: To improve sensitivity and reliance, by a method wherein a polarizer and an analizer are provided within a sensing element.

CONSTITUTION: A polarizer 10 having a multilayer film as an interference film and an analyzer 11 having a multilayer film as an interference film are arranged so that they cut a Faraday element made of lead glass in fixed shaped. Said polarizer 10, analyzer 11 and Faraday element 9 are formed in one body by forming films in said cut portions by evaporation etc. and again covering the cut portions by lead glass. A photosensor according to this structure has the advantage that sensitivity of a photo-magnetic field sensor is improved, as the polarizer and analizer are formed within the optical-Faraday element having multilayer films, and further, that the reliability is improved and the size can be minimized, as each optical-components are formed monoblockly.

Hisama, Kazuo
Tai, Shuichi
Aranishi, Toshio
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Publication Date:
April 14, 1983
Filing Date:
October 12, 1981
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International Classes:
G01J4/04; G02B27/28; (IPC1-7): G01J4/00