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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/176026
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Provided is a clutch device that is capable of reducing the elastic force of a compression spring. A clutch device (10) is provided with a first member (20) and a second member (50) that rotate about an axis, wherein a first hole (28) is formed in a first surface (21) of the first member (20), the first surface intersecting the axis. An engagement element (33) is disposed on a third surface (23) facing the second member (50) side of the first hole (28), the elastic force of a compression spring (34) is applied to a force point (35), and an end portion (37) moves with respect to a fulcrum (36) to the second member (50) side. A fourth surface (60) positioned on the radially outer side with respect to the engagement element (33) is provided with a contact portion (61) with which a lateral surface (39) of the engagement element (33) comes into contact during rotation of the first member (20). A gap is formed between the end portion (37) of the lateral surface (39) and the fourth surface (60) when the lateral surface (39) comes into contact with the contact portion (61).

OOIKE Hideya (2418 Washizu, Kosai-Cit, Shizuoka 94, 〒4310494, JP)
KATO Tadahiko (2418 Washizu, Kosai-Cit, Shizuoka 94, 〒4310494, JP)
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September 19, 2019
Filing Date:
March 14, 2018
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UNIVANCE CORPORATION (2418, Washizu Kosai-Cit, Shizuoka 94, 〒4310494, JP)
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F16D41/12; F16D41/16
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PATENT FIRM SHINMEI CENTURY (Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Toyohashi Bldg, 7th Floor 92, Ote-cho, Toyohashi-Cit, Aichi 05, 〒4400805, JP)
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