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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/092289
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The present invention relates to a composite material by the production of which recycled materials are used, whose production cost is reduced, comprising at least one polymer resin, and characterized by the recycled polyurethane waste constituting at least a portion of its composition.

KAYMAKCI, Orkun (E5 Ankara Asfalti Uzeri, Tuzla, ISTANBUL, 34950, TR)
SEZER, Mustafa (E5 Ankara Asfalti Uzeri, Tuzla, ISTANBUL, 34950, TR)
DIRICAN, Mehmet Aydin (E5 Ankara Asfalti Uzeri, Tuzla, ISTANBUL, 34950, TR)
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Publication Date:
May 16, 2019
Filing Date:
November 19, 2018
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ARCELIK ANONIM SIRKETI (Sutluce Karaagac Caddesi No: 2/6 Beyoglu, ISTANBUL, 34445, TR)
International Classes:
C08J11/06; C08K3/26
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Other References:
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