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Patent Searching and Data



Machines for making railways of all kinds
Design or layout of roads, e.g. for noise abatement, for gas absorption
Details of pavings
Pavings or foundations specially adapted for playgrounds or sports grounds
Machines, tools, or auxiliary devices for preparing or distributing paving materials, for working the placed materials, or for forming, consolidating, or finishing the paving
Auxiliary devices or arrangements for constructing, repairing, reconditioning, or taking-up road or like surfaces
Foundations for pavings
Pavings made of prefabricated single units
Coherent pavings made in situ
Special pavings
Arrangements for obstructing or restricting traffic, e.g. gates, barricades
Safety arrangements for slowing, redirecting or stopping errant vehicles, e.g. guard posts or bollards
Arrangements for absorbing or reflecting air transmitted noise from road or railway traffic
Arrangement of road signs or traffic signals
Street cleaning; Cleaning of permanent ways; Cleaning beaches; Cleaning land; Dispersing fog in general


Drainage of soil, e.g. for agricultural purposes
Cleaning or keeping clear the surface of open water
Artificial islands mounted on piles or like supports, e.g. platforms on raisable legs
Engineering work in connection with control or use of streams, rivers, coasts, or other marine sites
Barrages or weirs
Details of barrages or weirs
Water-power plants
Ship-lifting devices or mechanisms
Investigation of foundation soil in situ
Keeping dry foundation sites or other areas in the ground
Foundations as substructures
Underground or underwater structures
Improving or preserving soil or rock, e.g. preserving permafrost soil
Protective arrangements for foundations or foundation structures
Bulkheads, piles, or other structural elements specially adapted to foundation engineering
Methods or apparatus for placing sheet pile bulkheads, piles, mould-pipes, or other moulds
Dredgers or soil-shifting machines for special purposes
Equipment for conveying or separating excavated material
Component parts of dredgers or soil-shifting machines, not restricted to one of the kinds covered by groups E02F 3/00-E02F 7/00


Installations or methods for obtaining, collecting, or distributing water
Domestic plumbing installations for fresh water or waste water; Sinks
Sewers; Cesspools


Constructions in general
Building elements of block or other shape for the construction of parts of buildings
Building elements of relatively thin form for the construction of parts of buildings, e.g. sheet materials, slabs, or panels
Reinforcing elements, e.g. for concrete
Roof covering by making use of tiles, slates, shingles, or other small roofing elements
Roof covering, as far as not restricted to features covered by only one of groups E04D 1/00-E04D 9/00
Non-structural supports for roofing materials, e.g. battens, boards
Special arrangements or devices in connection with roof coverings
Apparatus or tools for roof working
Roof covering by making use of flat or curved slabs or stiff sheets
Roof covering by making use of flexible material, e.g. supplied in roll form
Stairways, ramps, or like structures
Coverings or linings, e.g. for walls or ceilings
Vertical ducts
Other details or constructional parts for finishing work on buildings
Implements for finishing work on buildings
Scaffolds primarily resting on the ground
Forms, shutterings, or falsework for making walls, floors, ceilings, or roofs
Falsework, forms, or shutterings for particular parts of buildings, e.g. stairs, steps, cornices, balconies
Forms or shutterings for making openings, cavities, slits, or channels
Connecting or other auxiliary members for forms, falsework structures, or shutterings
Preparing, conveying, or working-up building materials or building elements in situ
Working measures on existing buildings
Scaffolds essentially supported by building constructions, e.g. adjustable in height
Component parts or accessories for scaffolds
Connections between parts of the scaffold
Forming or shuttering elements for general use
Buildings or groups of buildings for dwelling or office purposes
Tents or canopies, in general
Fencing, e.g. fences, enclosures, corrals
Buildings or groups of buildings for public or similar purposes
Swimming or splash baths or pools
Buildings or groups of buildings for industrial or agricultural purposes
Buildings for parking cars, rolling-stock, aircraft, vessels, or like vehicles, e.g. garages
Construction or assembling of bulk storage containers employing civil engineering techniques in situ or off the site
Buildings, groups of buildings, or shelters, adapted to withstand or provide protection against, abnormal external influences, e.g. war-like action, earthquake, extreme climate


Knobs or handles for wings
Devices preventing the key or the handle or both from being used
Other details of locks
Accessories in connection with locks
Cylinder locks with tumbler pins or balls
Cylinder locks with plate tumblers
Fastening handles to lock or latch parts
Locks for use with special keys or a plurality of keys
Permutation locks
Alarm locks
Operating or controlling locks or other fastening devices by electric or magnetic means
Electric permutation locks
Operating or controlling locks or other fastening devices by other non-mechanical means
Operation or control of locks by mechanical transmissions, e.g. from a distance
Locks in which a sliding latch is used also as a locking bolt
Locks with special structural characteristics
Locks for special use
Devices for locking portable objects against unauthorised removal
Lock or latch-mechanism casings
Bolts or fastening devices for wings, specially for doors or windows
Pinless hinges
Additional features or accessories of hinges
Accessories for sliding or lifting wings, e.g. pulleys, safety catches
Suspension arrangements for wings
Hinges with pins
Construction of single parts, e.g. the parts for attachment
Hinges or pivots of special construction
Closers or openers for wings, not otherwise provided for in this subclass
Man-operated mechanisms for operating wings, including those which also operate the fastening
Power-operated mechanisms for wings
Closers or openers with braking devices, e.g. checks
Braking devices, e.g. checks
Safes or strong-rooms for valuables; Bank protection devices; Safety transaction partitions


Border constructions of openings in walls, floors, or ceilings
Means for allowing passage through fences, barriers, or the like, e.g. stiles
Window sashes, door leaves, or like elements for closing openings
Doors, windows, or like closures for special purposes
Special arrangements or measures in connection with doors or windows
Screening or protective devices for openings, with or without operating or securing mechanisms



Percussion drilling
Drill bits
Supports for the drilling machine, e.g. derricks or masts
Drilling rods or pipes
Handling rods, casings, tubes or the like outside the borehole, e.g. in the derrick
Methods or apparatus for flushing boreholes, e.g. by use of exhaust air from motor
Apparatus for displacing, setting, locking, releasing or removing tools, packers or the like in boreholes or wells
Apparatus for obtaining or removing undisturbed cores, e.g. core barrels, core extractors
Containers for collecting or depositing substances in boreholes or wells, e.g. bailers for collecting mud or sand
Cutting or destroying pipes, packers, plugs, or wire lines, located in boreholes or wells, e.g. cutting of damaged pipes, of windows
Rotary drilling
Fishing for or freeing objects in boreholes or wells
Sealing or packing boreholes or wells
Valve arrangements for boreholes or wells
Heating, cooling, or insulating arrangements for boreholes or wells, e.g. for use in permafrost zones
Methods or apparatus for cleaning boreholes or wells
Drives used in the borehole
Equipment or details not covered by groups E21B 15/00-E21B 40/00
Methods or apparatus for obtaining oil, gas, water, soluble or meltable materials or a slurry of minerals from wells
Automatic control systems specially adapted for drilling operations
Survey of boreholes or wells
Testing the nature of borehole walls
Drives for drilling with combined rotary and percussive action
Special methods or apparatus for drilling
Mining or quarrying
Shafts; Tunnels; Galleries; Large underground chambers
Safety devices, transport, filling-up, rescue, ventilation, or drainage in or of mines or tunnels