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Field Code Field Name Syntax Example
ABST Abstract ABST/"cardboard box"
APD Application Date APD/12/13/1790->12/31/2001
APN Application Number APN/000001
AC Assignee City AC/"New York"
ACN Assignee Country ACN/JP
AN Assignee Name AN/Sanyo
AS Assignee State AS/NY
ASEX Assistant Examiner ASEX/"Stevens Robert"
AGT Attorney or Agent AGT/"Bacon & Thomas"
ACLM Claim(s) ACLM/"cardboard box"
CCL Current US Classification CCL/100/50
SPEC Description/Specification SPEC/"hand-held telephone"
PRIR Foreign Priority PRIR/9/16/1990
FREF Foreign References FREF/EP0628292
ICL International Classification ICL/G06F019/00
IC Inventor City IC/"New York"
ICN Inventor Country ICN/JP
IN Inventor Name IN/"Jones Mark"
ISD or PD Publication Date ISD/1/31/2000->12/31/2000
IS Inventor State IS/NY
OREF Other References OREF/"patent law"
PARN Parent Case Information PARN/594,858
PN or DN Patent Number or Application Publication Number PN/6954235; DN/20070220636
PEX Primary Examiner PEX/"Jones David"
TTL Title TTL/"metal detector"
REF Domestic References REF/5796187