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Japanese Patent JP2000503645
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A composition for delivering a biologically active polyanionic molecule comprising a linear polymer with a backbone comprising amido and tertiary amino groups arranged regularly on the backbone and biologically active polyanionic molecule bound to the polymer. Preferably, the linear polymer comprises a poly(amidoamine). Preferably, the biologically active polyanionic molecule is a nucleic acid, more preferably a DNA. The compositions are useful for delivering nucleic acids to a cell in a cell transformation, transfection or gene therapy method.

Martin, Charles, Garnet
Fiona, Caroline, McLaughlin
Stanley, Stewart, Davis
Fabio, Vinhocchi
Paolo, Ferch
Application Number:
Publication Date:
March 28, 2000
Filing Date:
January 06, 1997
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Dunn Biocyst, Uk, Limited
International Classes:
A61K9/00; A61K31/70; A61K47/34; A61K47/48; A61K48/00; (IPC1-7): A61K31/70; A61K9/00; A61K47/34; A61K48/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Kazuo Sato (2 outside)