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Japanese Patent JP2000510194
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Disclosed are compositions comprising at least one cationic ion-exchange hydrogel-forming polymer and at least one anionic ion-exchange hydrogel-forming polymer, wherein the composition exhibits improved absorbency characteristics relative to comparable mixtures of the hydrogel-forming polymers in their neutralized state. Also disclosed are mixed-bed ion-exhange compositions having improved Performance Under Pressure values relative to prior mixed-bed compositions, which alleviate detrimental gel blocking incurred with these prior systems. Also disclosed are absorbent members useful in the containment of body fluids such as urine, that have at least one region comprising a mixed-bed ion-exchange hydrogel-forming absorbent polymer composition in a concentration of from about 60 to 100% by weight.

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August 08, 2000
Filing Date:
February 09, 1998
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A61F13/53; A61F5/44; A61F13/49; A61L15/60; C01B31/16; C08L33/14; C08L39/00; C08L101/00; C08L101/14; (IPC1-7): C08L101/00; A61F5/44; A61F13/49; A61F13/53; A61L15/60
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鈴江 武彦 (外5名)