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Japanese Patent JP2000512015
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PCT No. PCT/FR97/00969 Sec. 371 Date Dec. 7, 1998 Sec. 102(e) Date Dec. 7, 1998 PCT Filed Jun. 3, 1997 PCT Pub. No. WO97/47945 PCT Pub. Date Dec. 18, 1997A method for avoiding a mobile zone by a vehicle. A vehicle laterally avoids a mobile zone using periodically supplied information relating to the zone to be avoided starting from an initially planned route. The envelope of the zone to be avoided is periodically defined and a circumscribed circle about the envelope is determined. The velocity vector of the circle is also determined as is the portion of the route lying over the path of the circle. If the vehicle has to enter the circle, the computation of port and starboard trajectories for the avoidance of the zone is delimited by the circle. The selection of one of these two avoidance trajectories as a function of the length of the new avoidance routes is computed in the direction of the zone to be avoided.

Decay Guy
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September 12, 2000
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June 03, 1997
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Sextan Tavionique
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B64C13/18; G01C21/00; G01C21/20; G05D1/02; G08G5/00; (IPC1-7): G01C21/20; B64C13/18; G05D1/02; G08G5/00
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Keiichi Yamamoto