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Japanese Patent JP2000514515
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A reinforced structural member has a channel-shaped laminate structure of a metal stamping, a channel-shaped foil and an intervening layer of structural foam. The reinforced structural member is formed by pressing a foil/resin preform into a channel and thermally expanding the resin to form a structural foam.

Weiseck, Joseph, S.
Application Number:
Publication Date:
October 31, 2000
Filing Date:
June 25, 1997
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Henkel Commandiet Gezel Shaft Auf Akzien
International Classes:
B29D22/00; B29C39/10; B29C39/24; B29C44/12; B29C65/00; B32B5/18; B62D29/00; E04C3/29; E04C3/32; B29K105/04; B29L31/10; (IPC1-7): E04C3/29; B29C39/10; B29C39/24; B32B5/18
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Yukio Ono (1 person outside)