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Japanese Patent JP2001519521
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A dryer for use with chemical compounds employs controlled vacuum, elevated temperature and dry, inert gas to dry the chemical compounds. The dryer includes a vacuum chamber into which trays containing the compounds are placed. The chamber includes heating elements which elevate the temperature of chemical samples placed within the chamber. Supplying and evacuating manifolds, each with a plurality of orifices for supplying and evacuating dry inert gas, provide a substantially laminar flow of dry inert gas just above the trays of chemical compounds which are to be dried. The laminar gas flow removes the unwanted vapor which tends to form above the tray of chemical compound, thus accelerating the drying process.

Peter Kieselbach
Fagin, Ilia
Brezedinsky, Joseph, Jay.
Kirk, Gregory, Elle.
Newen, Suck
Morica, Joseph, A.
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Publication Date:
October 23, 2001
Filing Date:
October 05, 1998
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Pharmacopea, Inc.
International Classes:
F26B5/04; F26B9/06; F26B21/00; F26B21/14; (IPC1-7): F26B21/14; F26B9/06
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Yasunori Otsuka (2 outside)