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Japanese Patent JP2001522000
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A tissue sheet is made using a modified wet pressing process employing an integrally sealed air press. After initial formation and conventional vacuum dewatering, the wet web is conformed to the surface contour of a relatively coarse fabric to give the web a textured surface. By creating a pressure differential across the web of at least 30 inches of mercury and an air stream through the web of at least 500 SCFM/in2, the air press noncompressively dewaters the wet web to a consistency of about 30 to about 40 percent prior to a Yankee dryer. The web is dried to substantially preserve its three-dimensional, throughdried-like texture. The resulting web has an exceptionally high degree of bulk and absorbency not previously found in wet-pressed products.

Harmans Michael Allen
Cheng Shan Liang
Dreweck Frank Gerald
Gusky Robert Irvine
Harda Frank Stephen
Camps Richard Joseph
Tom Sovic Charles Robert
Chen Hung You
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Publication Date:
November 13, 2001
Filing Date:
October 30, 1998
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Kimberly Clark Worldwide Incorporated
International Classes:
D21F1/76; D21F1/48; D21F1/52; D21F5/02; D21F5/14; D21F5/18; D21F11/00; D21F11/14; D21H27/00; (IPC1-7): D21F1/76; D21F5/02; D21H27/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Minoru Nakamura (9 outside)