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Japanese Patent JP2002524772
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A photoluminescent liquid-crystal display includes a liquid crystal (31) sandwiched between two transparent substrates (1, 21) for modulating input light, control electrodes (13, 23) for controlling the liquid crystal, and display output means incorporating a photoluminescent material (3) such as a phosphor for producing a visible image from the input light modulated by the liquid crystal. The phosphor is at the inner face (16) of the front substrate (1) but is sepraated from the liquid-crystal by a thin transparent auxiliary substrate (7) having a thickness of less than about 300 mum. This allows the phosphors to be close to the liquid-crystal layer (31), minimising crosstalk, without interfering with the electro-optic properties of the device.

Bailey Paul Andrew
Sprung Ian David
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Publication Date:
August 06, 2002
Filing Date:
September 03, 1999
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Screen technology limited
International Classes:
G02F1/13357; G09F9/00; G09F9/35; (IPC1-7): G02F1/13357; G09F9/00; G09F9/35
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Minoru Nakamura (9 outside)