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Japanese Patent JP2002537093
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A reactor including a rotatable disc (3) having a surface (5) onto which reactant (15) is supplied by way of a feed (4). The disc (3) is rotated at high speed, and the reactant (15) spills over the surface (5) so as to form a film (17). A rotary fan or impeller (70) is mounted so as to cover the surface (5) and to suck a gaseous phase component across the surface (5) in a direction generally counter-current to the flow of reactant (15) across the surface. The surface (5) may be provided with features to enhance its surface area, such as a metal mesh (60), thereby helping to increase the residence time of the reactant (15) on the surface (5) and to help mixing.

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Publication Date:
November 05, 2002
Filing Date:
February 17, 2000
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プロテンシブ リミティッド
International Classes:
B01F25/74; B01J4/00; B01D9/02; B01J10/02; B01J19/00; B01J19/08; B01J19/10; B01J19/12; B01J19/18; B01J35/02; B01J35/04; C08F2/01; C08F10/02; C08G63/78; (IPC1-7): B01J19/18; C08F2/01
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奥山 尚一 (外2名)