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Japanese Patent JP2004503719
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A wearable storage system for pressurized fluid includes a pressure vessel formed from a plurality of polymeric hollow chamber having either en ellipsoidal or spherical shape and interconnected by a plurality of relatively narrow conduit sections disposed between consecutive ones of the chambers. The pressure vessel includes a reinforcing filament wrapped around the interconnected chambers and interconnecting conduit sections to limit radial expansion of the chambers and conduit sections when filled with a fluid under pressure. The container system further includes a fluid transfer control system attached to the pressure vessel for controlling fluid flow into and out of the pressure vessel. A gas delivery mechanism for delivering gas stored in the pressure vessel to the patient in a controlled manner is connected to the fluid transfer control system. The pressure vessel and the fluid transfer control system are incorporated into a wearable garment to provide an ambulatory supply of gas for the patient.

Izchuk, John Eye
Sanders, Stan A
Remes, Richard Scott
Application Number:
Publication Date:
February 05, 2004
Filing Date:
June 12, 2001
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Mallinckrodt INC.
International Classes:
F17C1/00; A61M16/06; A61M16/10; A62B7/02; F17C1/06; F17C7/00; (IPC1-7): F17C1/00; A61M16/10; F17C1/06; F17C7/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Kuro Fukami
Toshio Morita
Yoshihei Nakamura
Yutaka Horii
Hisato Noda
Masayuki Sakai