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Japanese Patent JP2004517238
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A solenoid arrangement for controlling handle operation in a door lock, in which force transmission from an operation axis of a handle or the like to a follower acting on a bolt of the lock is provided by a movable coupling member which receives its guidance from the solenoid arrangement. The arrangement includes a shaft element which is arranged to move through a solenoid against the force of a spring and which moves a turnable lever member selecting the operating position of said coupling member. The position of the turning axis of the said lever member with regard to the coupling member is arranged to be selectively changed to provide a desired handle operation.

Application Number:
Publication Date:
June 10, 2004
Filing Date:
January 17, 2002
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アブロイ オサケ ユキチュア
International Classes:
E05B47/04; E05B9/02; E05B47/06; E05B59/00; E05B63/08; E05B47/00; (IPC1-7): E05B47/04; E05B63/08
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
浅村 皓
浅村 肇
吉田 裕
岩本 行夫