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Japanese Patent JP2004525359
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This invention relates to novel tracers and their synthesis and use in an immunoassay for the detection of controlled drugs such as amphetamine (APM), methamphetamine (MAPM) and their derivatives, in a biological or aqueous sample. In particular, this invention provides methods for synthesizing novel tracers in which a non-controlled substance is both the starting material in tracer synthesis and the binding site on the resulting novel tracer for the antibody, thereby eliminating the necessity of using controlled substances as starting materials. In addition, the novel tracers of the present invention can be used as an analyte analog in an immunoassay, such as a continuous flow displacement immunoassay. It was unexpectedly discovered that the novel tracers of the present invention substantially improve the performance of the continuous flow displacement immunoassay as compared with conventionally designed tracers.

Wang Guo Hong
Thomas foley
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Publication Date:
August 19, 2004
Filing Date:
November 29, 2001
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Life Point Incorporated
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C07C331/28; G01N33/543; G01N33/553; G01N33/577; G01N33/94; G01N33/53; (IPC1-7): G01N33/53; G01N33/543; G01N33/553; G01N33/577
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Mitsuo Tanaka
Misako Ohsaku