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Japanese Patent JP2004531400
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An artificial multiped is constructed (either in simulation or embodied) in such a way that its natural body dynamics allow the lower part of each leg to swing naturally under the influence of gravity. The upper part of each leg is actively actuated in the sagittal plane. The necessary input to drive the above-mentioned actuators is derived from a neural network controller. The latter is arranged as two bi-directionally coupled chains of neural oscillators, the number of which equals twice that of the legs to be actuated. Parameter optimisation of the controllers is achieved by evolutionary computation in the form of a genetic algorithm.

Torsten Rail
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Publication Date:
October 14, 2004
Filing Date:
January 25, 2002
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Isis Innovation Limited
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B25J5/00; B25J9/16; B25J13/00; B62D57/032; G06F19/00; G06N3/00; G06N3/063; G06T13/00; G06T15/70; (IPC1-7): B25J5/00; B25J13/00; G06N3/00; G06N3/063
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Sakaki Morishita