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Japanese Patent JP2004538022
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The present invention relates to resilient, three dimensional, perforated plastic webs which allow passage of water vapour, and preferably of air, and are resistant to the transmission of aqueous fluids at least in one direction. According to the present invention the perforated plastic webs consist of a liquid impervious polymeric film having apertures. Theses apertures form capillaries which are not perpendicular to the plane of the film but are disposed at an angle of less than 90 DEG relative to the plane of the film. The capillaries also have a length L which has a preferred value as compared to the distance that separates a capillary from adjacent ones. The present invention also relates to absorbent articles like baby diapers, adult incontinence articles and in particular to sanitary napkins or pantiliners which have a topsheet on the surface facing the wearer in use. According to the present invention the articles are provided also with an apertured backsheet for breathability. The backsheet comprises at least one breathable layer of a resilient, three dimensional, perforated plastic web as described above.

Amedeo, Franco, Dinceco
Paolo, Bello
Luigi, Marinelli
Giovanni, Calrucci
Carmine, chimini
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Publication Date:
December 24, 2004
Filing Date:
March 31, 2000
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International Classes:
A61F13/49; A61F5/44; A61F13/15; A61F13/514; B29D7/00; B32B3/24; B32B3/30; (IPC1-7): A61F13/15; A61F13/49; A61F13/514; B29D7/00; B32B3/24; B32B3/30
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Kenji Yoshitake
Hiroyuki Nagai
Junpei Okada
Satoshi Nazuka
Hideyuki Mori
Hirohito Katsunuma