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Japanese Patent JP2005502929
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As shown in Fig. 1, server computer (110) is positioned behind server firewall (120). Server firewall (120) is a conventional hardware and/or software-based firewall. As is conventional with firewall, server firewall (120) is configured to have a plurality of ports. Each port has an associated set of rules for scrutinizing data packets attempting to pass through the port. For example, a port may only let data of certain protocols through. The server firewall (120) stands between a local area network (130) and a server computer (110), and a WAN (132). The server computer subsystem (102) chooses to configure server firewall (120). A gateway firewall (122), client A firewall (124) and client B firewall (126), may all be configured differently, it may not be able to establish the same variety of persistent connection as the other firewalls, which is one reason that transport protocol conversion is performed. Gateway computer (112) includes CPU (142) and gateway software (152). Gateway computer (138) is preferably a web server with web server software supporting the HTTP protocol with keep-alive facilities. Client A (114) computer is preferably a conventional desktop or laptop personal computer. Display device (174) includes a any output devices. Input devices (184) includes any input devices. Client B computer system (108) includes client B firewall (126), client B computer (116), display device (176) and input device (186). The "happy face displays at display device (174), display device (184) and in collaborative application database (160). These data packets include substantive application input data to be used by collaborative application software (150) and collaborative application database (160), and ultimately by other collaborators present on WAN (132). CPU (140) receives data from Client A computer subsystem (106). At reference numeral (190), the application data file corresponding to the happy face image is updated in collaborative application database (160).

McMullan, Scutt, Earl
Miga, David, M
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Publication Date:
January 27, 2005
Filing Date:
September 28, 2001
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UGS, PLM, Solutions, Inc.
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G06F13/00; H04L12/66; H04L29/06; (IPC1-7): G06F13/00; H04L12/66
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Yuzo Sanada
Nobuhiko Nakajima
Ohara Shizuo