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Japanese Patent JP2005503950
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A computer keyboard assembly includes a computer keyboard. The computer keyboard includes a housing on which a keypad is arranged. The housing defines oppositely disposed print media input and ejection slots though which print media can pass. A print media feed mechanism is located within the housing and is configured to feed print media along a print media path between the entry and ejection slots. A printer is located within the housing and is configured to print upon print media fed along the print media path.

キング, トビン, アレン
シルバーブルック, カイア
Application Number:
Publication Date:
February 10, 2005
Filing Date:
August 06, 2002
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シルバーブルック リサーチ ピーティワイ リミテッド
International Classes:
B41J3/44; B41J2/14; B41J2/155; B41J2/16; B41J2/175; B41J3/42; B41J5/08; B41J5/10; B41J11/00; B41J11/70; B41J15/04; B42D15/10; G06F1/16; G06F3/02; G06F21/00; G06K1/12; G06K7/14; G06K19/06; G06K19/073; G07F7/08; G07F7/12; G11C11/56; H04N1/21; H04N1/32; H04N5/225; H04N5/262; B41J2/165; B81B3/00; H04N1/00; (IPC1-7): B41J3/44
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
山田 行一
鈴木 康仁
二宮 克之