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Japanese Patent JP2006523306
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A device ( 3 ) and method to generate independent fluid samples ( 51 ) for multichannel analysis, preferably in diagnostic cartridges, are disclosed according to the invention. A fluidic device ( 3 ), preferably a microfluidic device, has a plurality of fluid channels ( 35 ). Fluids are transported in the fluid channels. A cross-over channel ( 32 ) has a fluid inlet ( 33 ) and a fluid outlet ( 34 ). In use of said device ( 3 ), a method is performed. According to the method, the sample channels are filled with sample fluid up to a threshold ( 39 ). A flush fluid (gas or inert liquid) is then flushed through the sample-filled cross-over channel, replacing the sample fluid with flush fluid. Subsequently the cross-over channels' inlet and outlet are closed and the sample fluid is pushed further into the channel arrays ( 30, 31 ). Alternatively, an appropriate pressure is applied to the fluid in order to push the fluid into said sample channels. The method steps are repeated in an appropriate way if it is desired to obtain multiple (in time and/or space) independent sample plugs in the microchannels. Thus a series of longitudinally spaced independent sample fluid segments separated from each other by flush segments is created in each microchannel.

プリンス メッノ ダヴリュ ジェイ
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October 12, 2006
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March 26, 2004
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Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
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G01N35/08; B01L3/00; G01N37/00; G01N1/18; G01N30/16; G01N30/60; G01N35/10
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津軽 進
宮崎 昭彦
笛田 秀仙