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Japanese Patent JP2007534082
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One-time-use tickets containing a unique identification code that allow for prepayment of entertainment or personal services are distributed and sold. When a ticket is sold, it is activated by the seller notifying a ticket information manager of its sale, at which time the ticket's unique identification code is recorded by the ticket information manager. Part of the sale price is transferred by the vendor to an account maintained by a ticketing program manager. Ticket-holders present the ticket for redemption of the particular service from an agreed service provider. The service provider verifies the ticket's validity by checking with the ticket information manager that the ticket's unique identification code is valid and that the ticket has been activated. While the purchase price of the ticket is fixed, service providers will receive their agreed payment price from the ticketing program manager's account when a ticket user redeems a ticket regardless of whether that price is higher or lower than the ticket purchase price.

Ross Anthony G
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Publication Date:
November 22, 2007
Filing Date:
April 19, 2005
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G06Q20/00; G06F7/00; G06F7/08; G06F17/00; G06K5/00; G06K7/00; G06K17/00; G06Q10/00; G07B1/00; G07G1/12
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Shuji Sugimoto
Masashi Noda
Kenro Tsutsumi