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Japanese Patent JP2008518818
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Disclosed herein is a curved honeycomb structure. The curved honeycomb structure is easily produced by placing respective flat plates composed of metallic or plastic material between moulds of a press machine or vacuum molding machine for forming a curved shape, forming honeycomb-shaped hexagonal cell pillars to protrude from a surface of each curved plate, followed by engaging the hexagonal cell pillars of the upper and lower plates with each other, and bonding them to each other. During forming the honeycomb structure, the hexagonal cells are not crushed or extended, and the strength of the honeycomb structure is substantially the same as that of the flat plate. In addition, the curved plate can have various shapes, and the productivity can be enhanced without increased material consumption.

Park Kiho
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Publication Date:
June 05, 2008
Filing Date:
October 28, 2005
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Yang Hee Jun
Lee Bon Woo
International Classes:
B32B3/12; B21D47/00
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Hitoshi Suzuki